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Dennis Foon

No description

Hailey Essiambre

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Dennis Foon

Dennis Foon Dennis Foon Plays He Wrote -Kindness
-Chasing the Money
-Mirror Game
-New Canadian Kid
-Skin Writing Style - A very "real" writing style.
Writes about things that could happen to anyone Script Excerpt This play traces a fishing trip Rick and Don took together. Hitchhiking home, they took a lift on the back of a pickup truck. Don was uncomfortable and asked to switch places so he could sleep. Rick gladly traded. But a little while later, the truck crashed—Rick’s back was broken—and Don came out without a scratch. Rick, who’d been a star athlete, has to deal with losing the use of his legs. Don has to deal with the guilt. This is the story of how Rick pulls them both up. Dennis Foon is an award-winning playwright, producer, screenwriter and novelist. He was artistic director of the Green Thumb Theater for twelve years, before turning to films and television in 1986. -Liars
-Bedtime and Bullies
-Children's Eyes
-The Windigo
-The Rick Hansen Story

RICK: The Rick Hansen Story -Usually writes about kids in highschool or young adults -Something anyone can relate too Short Bio
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