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El Día de la Raza

No description

Megan Watson

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of El Día de la Raza

Austin Hauglid and Megan Watson Día de la Raza Generic Information How it is Celebrated Food Clothing The Monday closest to October 12th
Called "Columbus Day" in America
Celebrated in Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela
Multiple names for it: El Día de la Raza, El Día de Hispanidad, and El Día de Colón Most often, people have parties and dances to celebrate this historic day
Families educate their children on the history of El Día de la Raza
Public events aren't uncommon, but they are smaller and less frequent than just spending the day with family Any food is acceptable, but the most commonly eaten foods are tamales and Trinidad pastilles. People most often wear dressier clothes, just for celebrations and such, but nothing is uniform. Activities History Bullfighting
Family Things El Día de la Raza mainly celebrates the mixing of hispanic races and such. Culture and history are largely incorporated in this holiday, starting with Christopher Columbus all the way to modern-day society and how they are connected. The participators celebrate the lives of historical figures and strongly appreciate their influence on this day through food and dance.
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