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Quick Start Guide for Parents- Khan Academy

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Anna Leberman

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Quick Start Guide for Parents- Khan Academy

Quick Start Guide for Parents Welcome!
Khan Academy is free. It allows your child to learn anytime, anywhere with material that is uniquely appropriate for your child.

Your child can explore new topics and practice his or her math skills by using interactive exercises, videos, and tutorials.

As your child learns, you will have access to reports that show important information, including your child's daily progress and his or her strengths and weaknesses in specific skills.

Working with the classroom teacher, Khan Academy will develop an individualized education program for your child.

This video presents parents' thoughts about how Khan Academy has helped their family. If your teacher has provided a username for your child:
Have your child add you as a coach by going to his or her profile settings, then clicking "Coaches" Go to: www.khanacademy.org Sign in as a parent with any email
Complete the form
And have your child sign in and start learning! Step 4: You will need access to the internet

You can access the internet using a computer at home, in a library, or at a community center
You can also use a smart phone or tablet
Once you are on the internet, enter www.khanacademy.org Step 2: Step 3: Step 3.1: 4 Easy Steps to Start
Using Khan Academy If you completed Step 3 skip this step Help your child develop a love of learning Step 1: Observe and Admire Now your child will start to master skills and learn math in a whole new way
Use the reports in your coach section to better your understanding of what your child is learning
Let's look at examples of these detailed progress reports Internet Access Congratulations!
Your child will be using Khan Academy, a free online resource, to enhance your child's learning. Connect to your child's account Tips to keep your child motivated Sign in Create your child's account See how Khan Academy
helps motivate your
child. 1. Create a schedule and promote consistent usage
2. Create a system with the teacher to reward usage and mastery of skills
3. Keep informed and involved. You are the best motivator! You now know all the steps to help support
your child's education!
Go to: www.khanacademy.org
And GET STARTED TODAY! Click here Monitor your child's screen time Click this box! Then your child's teacher can be involved too! (to be hyperlinked) Track your child's areas of attention Have your child add your email here! Click Coaches
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