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The Persuasion Imperative

No description

mike gregorio

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The Persuasion Imperative

Chapter Concepts
Additions to IBM's program
Importance of a vision
Impression Management
Sexual Harassment
Generational Values
The process by which individuals attempt to control the impression others form of them
High self-monitors most likely to engage IM
Interview success
Performance evaluations
Political Behavior:
Activities that are not required
Influence the distribution of advantages within an organization
Hiring high self-monitors
Promoting high trust
When presented with conflicting assignments which of IBM's elements would be most effective
Any unwanted activity of sexual nature
Affects individual's employment and productivity
Creates a hostile work environment
Every generation is influenced by its period's economic, political and social events
Generational context includes events such as the Great Depression, Civil Rights Movement, and the advancements in technology
It is crucial for managers to find a balance between generational values when incorporating employees into the organization
MGMT 301-005
Aly Duffin
Kayla Reinhart
Michael Gregorio
The Persuasion Imperative
IBM's Training Course
How do we influence this group and gain credibility?
2 hour online course
IBM's training program
Chapter concepts
Additions to the program
Building a shared vision
Generational values
Sexual harassment
Impression Management
IBM's tips for managers

Build a shared vision
Negotiate collaboratively
Make trade-offs
Build and maintain your network
Components of an effective vision
Provide purpose and direction
Loyalty through involvement
Developing ambitious goals
Benefits of a vision
Individual advancement
Commitment to shared goals and values
Increased motivation
History of sexual harassment
1960's women began to enter the paid workforce
Started an era of unregulated harassment
1970's Cornell University coins the term "sexual harassment"
1980's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that making sexual activity a condition for employment or promotion violates the Civil Rights Act
1990's to present has been relatively stable
Sexual Harassment Today
Major progress in limiting sexual harassment
Still exists due to power differentials
Five main guidelines to preventing harassment at work
IBM's training program
Concepts from the chapter
Additions to the program
Most effective component
Generational values
Sexual harassment
Impression Management Technique
IM Techniques
Coercive Power
Depends on fear of the negative results from failing to comply
Controlling of basic physiological or safety needs
Organizations can use knowledge to create dependence
Expert Power
Influence based on special skills or knowledge
We become dependent on experts with specialized skills to achieve goals
Power Tactics
Rational persuasion
Inspirational appeals
Source: Adapted from information in Falbe, C. M., & Yukl, G. (1992). Consequences for managers of using single influence tactics and combinations of tactics. Academy of Management Journal, 35, 638–652.

Source: (Hammill, Workplace Characteristics)
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