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College Admissions Presentation

No description

Patrice Fong

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of College Admissions Presentation

Can You Hear Me Now?
Laying Down the Foundation on How to be Successful when Working with Minority Students & their Families

When you are talking to someone, what are some of the reasons why they might not be listening to you?

College Board Research

21.8% of African American males hold an associate's degree or higher, as compared to 70.1% of Asian American and 45.8% of white American males.

45% of African American & 51% of Hispanic minority males age 15-24 are unemployed, incarcerated or dead.
1. Reform education to ensure college and career readiness.

2. Enhance cultural and gender responsive training.

3. Culturally appropriate retention programs.

Latino Families
Building "lazos"

Love family, food and music

Use those to your advantage!
African Americans
Building trust
Issues that continue to plaque black communities are:
SES, community violence, education, incarceration, drugs, single motherhood

Respect their values
Build rapport- attend Church services, community events

Noise in environment
Cannot understand
Don't care
Going into your respective jobs, school counseling specially, some of you might be

- Afraid

...when it comes to applying these ideas.
Spider Web: (n). A network of relationships where everyone is richly informed about the college-going process and is able to support the student.
What do you suppose is one of the strongest determining factors in whether or not a student applies and actually enrolls in college?

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