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No description

Sarah Francois

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Alcohol

What is Alcohol?
Alcohol: Alcohol is a clear drink that is
made from corn, barley, grain, rye, or a
beverage containing ethyl.
Types of Alcohol
This type of alcohol can be dark or light, and can be ordered in a pitcher at bars.
Is often produced from grapes, but can also come from fruits such as plums, cherries or apples.
This type of alcohol can be mistaken as liquor. They are sweetened and used for mixed drinks. Some brands of this liquer include Triple Sec, Kahlua and Amaretto.
An alcoholic beverage made by distillation, some examples include Rum, whiskey, and brandy.
This type of alcohol comes in many different flavours and can often be mistaken as liquor. Some examples include Cherry Brandy, Grappa and Cognac.
Alcohol poisoning:
The consumption of a toxic amount of alcohol, usually over a short period. Their blood alcohol level is so high it is considered toxic.
Forgetting all or a part of what occurred during a period of intoxication when the individual was awake and alert
Any "harmful use" of alcohol
Fetal Alcohol syndrome:
Fetal alcohol syndrome is growth, mental, and physical problems that may occur in a baby when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy.
•Impaired behavior and judgment•Memory loss•Lack of concentration and coordination•Impaired vision and hearing•Slower motor skills and reactions•Mood swings•Slurred speech
Effects of Alcohol
- Alcohol plays a role in 50% of all arrests.
- 30% of college failure is due to alcohol.
- 69% of all drownings are alcohol related.
- By the time a driver reaches a blood alcohol
level of 0.10% he or she is 51 times more
likely to be involved in a fatal crash
- Males account for almost 90% of young
drunk drivers
How does this Relate to YAAV?
- Alcohol can be harmful to your body if you
abuse it
- Alcohol can influence you to make poor
- Drinking and driving is putting yourself
and others at risk
Think About It!
Everyone is unique and we all have our own aspirations.
You don’t need to alter your thoughts and feelings to
feel better, and you don’t need to drink to fit in.
Remember that you can do anything you put your mind
to, don’t let substances like alcohol slow you down.
Alcohol Problems
Binge Drinking
Alcohol Misuse
Alcohol Addiction
What is it?
For women, consuming more than
4 or more drinks
in a row in a short amount of time
For men, consuming
5 or more drinks
in a row

in a short amount of time
when a person's daily life becomes dependent on this need to drink alcohol.
-->Have to have it in order to function.
Why do youth use alcohol?
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