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Transcript of maluma

maluma songs
Musical Biography
biography maluma
Juan Luis Londoño, this so called 17 year old currently enrolled in the eleventh grade Hontanares College in his hometown of Medellin.
As has happened in several stories of big stars, Maluma (acronym is composed of the first two letters of the names of his mother (Marlli), his father (Luis) and sister (Manuela) and having tattooed on his left leg ) started singing very young, before their classmates and family gatherings. It was precisely there, once next to yours while performing hits from Andrés Cepeda and Diego Torres when an uncle came to show a recording studio. It was love at first sight.
It's been some time, but it was enough to know Colombia talent of this little giant reggaeton their records has been backed by producers like Dr. Velásquez, Sky, DJ ALEXANDER, DJ and DJ HOST Buxxi, Mr Poms, Chez tom, genius Chan, Kevin ADG, Crunky, brown etc. It was also very well received by major broadcasters in the country.

In his short musical career he has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists like Arcángel, Plan B, J. Alvarez , Alberto Style, Nicky Jam, Ñejo y Dalmata , J Blavin , Reykon , Heavy Hitter , Jowell y Randy , among others.
Lyrics :: Maluma - Besame (FT Kafu Banton )
Maluma :: Lyrics - You kiss so well
Lyrics :: Maluma - Colombian girl
Maluma :: Lyrics - Running The Risk
Maluma :: Lyrics - Weird Stuff
Maluma :: Lyrics - De Fuga
Maluma :: Lyrics - Tell me what you think
Maluma :: Lyrics - Two Loves
Lyrics :: Maluma - Ehh Kiay
Maluma :: Lyrics - The Game
Maluma :: Lyrics - The Bad
Lyrics :: Maluma - Weather
Lyrics :: Maluma - Farandulera
Maluma :: Lyrics - Today Maluma
Lyrics :: Maluma - Intentalo
Lyrics :: Maluma - Forbidden Games Remix
Lyrics :: Maluma - Curiosity
Maluma :: Lyrics - The Intention
Maluma :: Lyrics - The temperature
Lyrics :: Maluma - Cute but dangerous
Lyrics :: Maluma - Loco
Lyrics :: Maluma - Magic
Lyrics :: Maluma - Mala
Maluma :: Lyrics - Poor
...I Love You ...
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