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Proper and Demonstrative Adjectives

Students will learn to identify proper and demonstrative adjectives.

Jacob Schable

on 10 August 2012

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Transcript of Proper and Demonstrative Adjectives

We will identify proper adjectives.
We will identify demonstrative adjectives.
Proper and Demonstrative Adjectives
Page 304

What might you find at a Brewer's game?
Proper Adjectives
Demonstrative Adjectives
An adjective formed from a proper noun is called a proper adjective.
Proper Nouns:
Proper Adjectives
American Pilot
Japanese children
Canadian route
April showers
When the words this, these, that, and those modify nouns, they are called demonstrative adjectives.
A demonstrative adjective points out a specific person, place, or thing.
Don't confuse demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns.
Notice that some proper adjectives have the same form as the proper noun. If you are not sure about spelling, consult a dictionary.
This and these
point out someone or something nearby.
That and those
point out someone or something farther away.
Use this and that with singular nouns.
Use these and those with plural nouns.
This plane was Lindenbergh's.
Those people are the Lindeberghs.
This was the Lindbergh plane.
Those are the Lindberghs.
Guided Practice
Name the proper and demonstrative adjectives in each sentence.

1.) This American aviator is Charles Lindbergh.
2.) He trained in those United States flying schools.
3.) That headline tells of his Atlantic flight in 1927 .
Group Practice: Don't leave your desk, work with a partner if needed.
Page 305 (#4-12)
Independent Practice: To be completed on a separate sheet of paper and turned in before you leave for Phy Ed.

Page 305 (# 13-23)
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