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Who Discovered Money

No description

Sara Catherine- Bradshaw

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Who Discovered Money

Who Discovered Money
and Sara Catherine

Ok,now lets talk about coin money .The Lydians were indians living in Phoenicia. The city Phoenicia, is now Turkey.
The Lydians
The Lydians traded things before coin money was invented.
The Lydians made coin money cause it's light,not heavy.
It is light
The first coin money was as small as beans!!!Wow!
Very small!
They Traded...
and It's made of...
The first coins are made of gold and silver called electrum.

Thank you!
Hi,we,are going to tell you about money,paper money and coin money.
Paper Money...
Paper money is comes from china,it is a old type of paper. Paper money is made after coin money.Here's a old dollar...
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