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The History Of Football kits

This prezi presentation will include facts about football kits over the years.

maisie stafford

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of The History Of Football kits

The history of football boots! Football boots in tudor times! King Henry VII owned his own
pair of football boots. They were made by his personal shoemaker
Cornelius Johnson in 1525. Not much is known about his football boots, but the royal boots are known
to have been made of strong leather,ankle high and heavier than the normal shoe of the day.
Football boots in the 1800's! In the 1800's football was gaining popularity. Players would wear their hard,leather work boots,
these would have metal studs or tacks hammered
into them to increase ground grip and stability. Part way through the 1800 a law was made
that football studs had to be rounded. If a players football boots became wet and muddy they would way
up to 900 grams. Football boots-1900 to 1940! Football boots did not change that much! But... The first part of the twentieth century was the time many
football boot producers that are still around today, first started: Gola(1905),Valsport(1920) and hummel(1923). Football boots-1940 to 1960! The styles of football boots changed significantly after the end
of the second world war. Football boot production shifted to producing lighter boots
with the focus of kicking and controlling the ball rather than
just protective footwear. So... As you can see the style of football boots have changed significantly over time Which boots would you prefer? :) Thanks for watching :D
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