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Caesar's English II Lesson's 17 & 18

No description

Sierra Benton

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Caesar's English II Lesson's 17 & 18

Caesar's English II Lessons 17 & 18 per through As in . . . percolate
perspicacity anim mind As in. . . animal
magnanimous tort twist As in . . .torturous
retort sanct holy As in . . .sacrosanct
sanction voc voice As in . . . vocal
vociferous adjacent adj., adjoining At the hotel, we stayed in adjacent
rooms. transient adj., existing briefly Spring is such a transient season. Its beauty
lasts only a few weeks, and then summer arrives. latent adj., present
but inactive The painting class helped me discover my
latent artistic skills. livid adj., bruised or
pale, extremely
angry When Bob didn't show up for
work again, his boss was livid. censure noun, strong
criticism The new employee faced censure
after voicing his strong opinions during the
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