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family tree

No description

brenda navarro

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of family tree

My family tree
by brenda navarro

My Mom & Dad
My mom name is Teresa Guerrero she was born 1974 in aguascalientes, mexico
my dad name is jesus navarro he was born 1973 in zacatecas, mexico.
My mom and dad both met when he was 18 my mom 17. They oficially got together 6 years later when i was tree years old. Then my dad came into the USA in 1999. A year later brought my mom. They had 3 more children that are boys.

my grandparents
Francisca alvarez & Jose guerrero
My grandmother name is Francisca Alvares she was born 1951. My grandma was a beautiful woman she won the beauty contest in her city aguascalientes, she is the mother of 10 children with my grandfather Jose Guerrero.
My grandfather name is Jose Guerrero he was born in 1951 he had a really bad motocycle accident that took him to coma. He woke up a month later but didn't remember anything. It took him just a little to get his memory back but still strugles to remeber his past.

My histoty & Tradition
my grandparents Socorro Leos & Mauricio Navarro
My grandmother name is Socorro Leos she was born 1936 died in 2004. She died of diabetes. She was the mom of 14 children.
my grandfather name is Mauricio Navarro 1935 he used to come in the Usa to work in the fields for the whites when he was 17 year old. Right know he owns his ranch works on it every day.
My Great Grandparents Rosa Campos & Benito Alvarez
Rosa Campos is my great grandmother she was born 1905 died in 2003. she was the mother of 25 children, and lived a long time she died when she was 98 years old because she didn't have no more liquid in her bones. She was ten years old in times of revolution a lot of times she had to cook for the soldiers of Pancho villa when they came in her town.
Benito Alvarez is my great grandfather he was born 1905 died in 1966. He used to come into the USA every 6 month and worked on the fields for the white people.
My Great Grandparents Jesus Guerrero & Marciana Camarillo
Jesus Guerrero is my great grandfather was born 1930 died in 1986. His death was caused by big balls of hail that was falling from the sky.
Marciana Camarillo is my great grandmother she was born 1932 died in 1983. she died of cancer in the stomach when she was 51 years old.
My Great Grandparenst Acension Navaro & Maria Santos
Acencion navarro was born 1906 died in 1998. My great grampa worked for pancho villa picking up the dead people left after the revolution.
Maria Santos was born in 1909 died in 1983.
my great grandparents Francico Leos & Maria De Carmen
Francisco Leos was born in 1903 died in 1994 he was married to my origanally great grandmother maria del carmen but died when my grandmother socorro was 10 year old he remarried a lady named madalena sagredo.
Maria Del Camen was my orinally great grandmother she had only 3 kids with Francisco Leos. Madalena Sagredo was his second wife she had 13 children with him.
My name is Brenda Navarro i was born 1996. My last name origanally came from Italy and Spain. We have a tradition that we celebrate Every year in christmas. Acostamos al niño dios, we celebrate it with alot of food like; tamales, posole and drink ponche or champurrado. we also give alot of traditional candy. After that a week later we have to levantar al niño dios.
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