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The globe theater

No description

Charles Lin

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The globe theater

The globe Theater
1st theater got burned down by a miss-fired cannonball in 1613
Rebuild using the same materials
Then later theater got shutdown by puritans in1642
The Set:
• The Stage
• The Hell
• The Heavens
• Actor’s balcony
• Musician’s balcony
• A room for the actors

The 1st theater
Second theater
Third theater
The Props:
• Props were kept
behind the stage
• Swords and daggers
• Candles and torches
• Skulls and bones
• Cannons
• Thrones
Made of timber wood
Audience/ behavior and seating
The Stage Elements:
• Dimensions of stage: 20 feet (w) and 30-45f (d)
• Height of the stage: 3-5f
• The floor of the stage
• The “Herculean” columns or pillars
• Where the stage was placed:
The Curtains:
• Above the stage curtains
• Front/sides of the stage curtains
• How curtains helped the actors
The Set Changes:
• Different areas
• On the stage
• Musician’s balcony (i.e. Romeo and Juliet)
-The audience would eat and drink food during the performances

-Many of the people on the lower floor would shout at the actors

-The poor audience members referred to as groundlings, would have to pay a penny, (which was almost a day’s wage) just to stand in front of the stage to watch the plays
-The richer patrons would pay to sit in the covered galleries (one of the three balcony’s of roofed galleries. The galleries had rows of wooden seats, were accessed from a back corridor and had a roof offering shelter from outside weather). The prices would be half a crown (one crown is 60 pennies).

-Many of the rich people went to the theatre just ‘to be seen’
-Held a capacity of 1500 people in the audience. Up to 3000 people would go to the theatre grounds.
Fun Fact: The Globe Theatre burnt down in 1613 when a special effect on stage went wrong. The source of the fire was from a cannon and it took less than two hours to burn down the theater completely.

No one was hurt from the fire, except for a man whose burning trousers were put out with a bottle of beer!
Floor Plan, structure.
Thank You For Watching
Open arena design
Timber, nail, stone (flint)
The theater may content 1500-3000 audience
Meant to have maximum space for audience
Upper Gallery
Middle Gallery
Lower Gallery
The Heavens
The hell
The stages
The yard
The entrance
White flag for comedy or a light subject.
Black for a dark subject, associated with death.
Red for a Play about History.

Wardrobe and storage
Tiring room
The End of the globe
Floor plans and Structure
Seating plans
No inside picture of the globe theater ever existed
The globe theater was build three times and destroyed twice.
Got rebuilt in 1997
And the same site in June 1614
After that follows the great fire of London in 1666
The Globe theater was great memorial of the Shakespeare history.
It was rebuilt, letting us never forget such a impact Shakespeare has done
If there wasn't enough seats. Audience would have to stand on the yard to watch
Smaller than the Coliseum
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