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My little pony Superawesomness Representation

FLutter shy

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Mlp

My little pony is a small tv series that existed in the 1980s to the 1990s now its been redone and remade into a new tv series for small children mainly a variety of little girls but some even boys have grown to love the show and its story . My little pony mainly began as a line of children's toys meant for girls that began in the late 1980s being 1983 to be exact and the company proclaimed hasbro created the toy line originally know as pretty ponys in 1981 brought to the idea many people began to create animated series of the ponys they thrived for several years from 1983 to 1995 (92 in the us). In our generation people reknowed as bronys were born lovers of the show my little pony its a surprise that older viewers even largley of the male pop to grow fond of the child's show making it more popular . The several characters displayed below are the major ponys in the show the remade version Mlp friendship is magic . One such pony finds friends and love within this rag tag team of different ponys that go on adventures and get caught in some ridiculous situations. Rarity Fluttershy Pinkie pie Twilight Rainbow dash Apple jack MY LIttle Pony Spike Princess celestia Princess Luna Flutter shy is one of my favorite ponys shes a shy and timid pegasus who loves and watchs over the critters of equestria like rabbits,bunnys,fawns,deers, and many of the adorable woodlen creatures fluttershys main noteable marks is her small rabbit and her cutie mark of a patch of butter flys. Rainbow dash is a brave sometimes reckless pony who chooses to idolize the thunderbolts a team of flyer ponys like heros to her she a pegasus her self and chooses a life style of believeing shes the most awesome of all ponys rainbow dash explains most of her shes covered in rainbow her hair splashed in all the colors and her tail with her mark being a rainbow dashed in clouds. Apple jack is hardy cowpony shes a born farmers hand and a brave and heroic pony that owns an apple orchard shes got the kick of a thousand bulls and an attitude her hat and cutie mark are her main trade marks her hat is like a friend that cant be detached and her cutie mark being that of apples. pinkie pie is an interesting party pony who loves just about everything in the small pony world and danger is no avail to scareing her and shes a constant to hop all over ponyville pinkies most noticeable trademarks is her constant hopping and her cutie mark being a pair of balloons with streamers. Rarity is the fashion pony of this rag tag team dressing them out and creating the flurry and lively clothing for them all being a unicorn she carrys magic and cuts and snips out the most beautiful of attire rarity lives out her cutie mark and trademark her hair is mainly what u see most with her cutie mark standing for shiny rubys and jewels. These ponys have all grown to love each other and treat each other as equals and as family they all have there own dutys to themselves and to there land but as well as being separate in person there together as one in all forms of harmony . Twilight is the smartest in the group takeing all in account and dealing with the most ridclous of situations to happen but she does all of it for her friends and now her family. Presentation created and made by Nathaniel J De la Luz

Copyright of all pictures and owned by lovers of MLP or the company itself .

and all information and pictures imported from the internet with wikipedia as a main information source. This presentation was out of fun and joy for MLP a show i love to watch and am interested by .the story of the show is interesting and the adventures are sometimes humorous and exciting and u cant stop watching after uve seen even one episode i know many who love the show and it may be weird but its agreeable to alot of people that its an amazing and entertaining piece of tv series that was meant to do only just that.
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