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Kimberly Platten

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Poverty

A major cause of poverty is abnormal weather conditions; this may be classed as a natural disaster. A sudden change in climate will affect people in poverty far more than it will others. The weather not only has the affect on the present but also the past, all of the progress that has been made over years of time and effort can be undone in moments from a natural disaster.
•Volcanic eruptions
Are all examples of natural disasters that will compromise the living standards of people in poverty
People living in poverty have a high dependence on natural resources, therefore if there is a natural disaster and the food and water supply become scarce there will be a higher demand and the supplies will be inadequate. The below image depicts the severity of different natural disasters in Africa.
If the food and water supply in a poverty stricken region is compromised the prices of these goods will rapidly increase thus causing more poverty.
Disease in poverty is much more common than in the Global Minority countries, not only physical disease but mental as well.
Disease can be waterborne, airborne, hereditary, sexually transmitted etc.
Common diseases include
•Ross River Virus
(All of the above are avoidable in Global Minorities Countries)
The high stress level of living in poverty often affects the mental health of individuals. This often also causes physical strain on the families of the sick individual.
In 2011, there were 158 000 measles deaths globally.
Polio can lead to




91% of all malaria deaths
occur in Africa
Poverty on a macro scale is measured by a countries GDP.

An individuals’ poverty is measured on the amount of money that they averagely live on a day.

ere are two kinds of poverty, relative poverty and absolute poverty.
Relative poverty is a measure of a poor standard of living. This means that there is still the necessities however there are no privileges to goods and services.
Absolute poverty is when the income levels of a household are inadequate to sustain a minimum level of heath and living.
Countries currently under these circumstances include: most of Africa and parts of the Middle East and Asia.
The following presentation will outline the different kinds of poverty there is and how these are measured. This will also show the causes of poverty and how these causes effect different parts of poverty and in which ways. Additionally this will show the complexities of poverty and the solutions that are currently being undertaken. The world banks millennium goals, Bono, the Grameen Bank and Greg Mortenson's approaches at overcoming poverty will all be looked further into.
1. http://www.equalearth.org/povertyoverpopulation.htm

2. http://www.samoaobserver.ws/editorial/605-frightening-statistics-and-world-food-supply

3. www.henrygeorge.org/popsup.htm

Since the industrial revolution humans have increased in numbers by nearly 1000%
This increase has led to an astonishing 54,000 human deaths from malnutrition every day – an increase from 12,000 a day in 1972.
The four basic needs are
Eradicate extreme
poverty and hunger
Achieve Universal
Primary Education
Promote Gender Equality
and Empower Women.
Reduce Child Mortality
Improve Maternal Health
Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria
and Other Diseases
Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Develop a Global Partnership For Development
World Bank, you have worked hard towards this goal however you have not worked to your full potential and your grade reflects this. Work harder in the future potentially at a different angle and I’m sure you will achieve your goals to your full capability.
World Bank, the progress that you have made is steady however you are moving rather slowly. Your efforts in Northern Africa and Eastern Asia have been excellent. Try to focus more on Caucasus and central Asia. I’m sure that with more time and effort you are more than capable of completing this goal.
World Bank, you have worked extremely hard to achieve to a high standard, this is evident from your results in Latin America Eastern and Central Asia. With more time your goal will be achieved Sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Africa. Keep up the great work.
World Bank, you have worked satisfactorily well in this goal although it is obvious that this grade does not reflect your true capabilities. You have made progress in all Countries, some more than others however With time and effort however this grade will improve. Well done, world Bank.
The above graph shows the progress that has been made on several of the millennium goals.
The Global Poverty Project is a organization that works on raising awareness. "people and power, we can all make a difference." This organization is about education and awareness raising and works on a macro, global scale.

With a lack of income there is no money for contraception.

This therefore leads to unwanted pregnancies (overpopulation) and potential STD's.
A woman in sub-Saharan Africa will give birth to an average of 5.2 children in her lifetime
Bono, the lead singer in the hit band U2 also has a lot to do with poverty. Bono works on a macro scale working with celebrities in order in create awareness. Bono has various campaigns, the ONE campaign and the RED campaign.

He also firmly believes that each of us can make a difference by pushing Governments to have fair aid, to provide greater support by lifting the amount provided to 1% of GDP,and cancelling debt.
Greg Mortenson (the Author of the novel "Three Cups of Tea.") works on a macro scale building schools for underdeveloped communities. However Mortenson does not make the decision of what he needs to build he leaves it to the community. They know what they need.

Mortenson underpinning philosophy is; if you educate a man you educate one person, if you educate a woman you educate a community.

He believes in the girl effect and education combined. By educating girls a whole community can be lifted out of poverty. He also believes that people/communities know what they need, they just need help to secure this.
*Note- some of these goals have several parts and this is an overall grade.
All of the solutions that have been addressed in the previous presentation have made an incredible impact on the combat of global poverty. All of these solutions have various scales of combating global poverty, some work on a macro scale like the Global Poverty Project. Others work on the micro scale like the Grameen Bank. These solutions are all effective and all work in different ways. The Global Poverty Project and Bono both work on raising awareness and creating connections on the other end the Grameen Bank and Greg Mortenson works on the practical side of ‘giving a leg up’. I believe that in order for global poverty to be eradicated there needs to be contribution from all aspects, from the raising awareness to the practical creating. What we can learn form these projects/programmes is that everyday people can make a difference, not just wealthy people and those in Government.
The downward spiral of poverty can start with any cause of poverty and a majority of the time ends in death.
From the research gathered it is evident that there is no one way of eradicating poverty. We all need to work together in making a difference; this is where it is important that we have organizations like Global poverty Project raising awareness. We also need organizations that are going to put this awareness into action and do something about it. If everyone works together eventually will break the downward spiral of poverty and eradicate poverty.
Muhammad Yunus is the creator of the Grameen Bank. The Grameen Bank is a woman only Organization. It lends money to women wanting to start a small business to support there lively hood. Yunus works on a micro-scale as the money is very small amount such as 40 cents.

He also believes that poor people are not stupid, they just need a hand to get out of poverty.
He believes in combining strategies and as such the people who take out loans have to commit to education their children, feeding them nutritious food, not defecating in public- there are 16 decisions they need to adopt.
Unemployment is effected by many parts of poverty and is also the main cause.
Unemployment is most often caused by illness.
Illness often does not only effect the sick individual it also effects the people they come into contact with.
When the individual is unable to work they have no income and often are in need of a carer thus putting the carer out of an income.
Therefore there is not disposable income that can be used for a cure and this will often end in death.
Poor health is an effect of inadequate source of the four basic needs.
Poor health also effects the ability of an individual to work sufficiently.
With no working and no source of income there is no way of seeing a professional and getting a cure.
The worse condition that the individual becomes over time no access to help. The more care they need thus putting another person out of income.
This will eventually end in death with the downward spiral of poverty.
An estimated 40% of Sub Saharan Africa have an insufficient food supply.
This can be due a variety of things however most commonly is caused by unemployment and therefore a lack of income
An insufficient food and water supply increases the chances of becoming ill.
At least 8 million die every year of hunger-related diarrhea, pneumonia and other illnesses.
A child dies every 8 seconds due to malnutrition.
With the chances of being ill increasing there is therefore a decrease in the chance of employment. therefore continuing the downward spiral of poverty.
Overpopulation between 1999 and 2011 the worlds population grew by one billion.
World Bank, your efforts in decreasing maternal mortality by 75% have been positive in Eastern Asia however your efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa have been minimal and everywhere else have shown little effort. Your on your way, keep pushing and you may be able to complete this task. Well done World Bank.
World Bank, Well Done! you are very close to completing this task. Your efforts have been outstanding and from this we can see that you are going to complete this task.Well done!
World Bank, the work that you have done has been good, however you have not completed all of the areas and you may not in the time that you have left. If you keep your mind on the goal im sure you will be able to. Good effort World Bank.
World Bank, you have worked extremely well on this task! you have a little more work in Sub-Saharran Africa and most of Asia but i'm sure with a little more time you will complete this to an excellent standard. Well done on all of your efforts.
With the population growing there will therefore be less jobs and money to be shared between more people.
There will also be less physical room which
may lead to illness spreading more rapidly.
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