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Everything you wanted to know about...

No description

Alistair Burns

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Everything you wanted to know about...

Everything you ever wanted to know about...
UFOS (but were afraid to ask!)
1) What is a UFO
"A UFO is an object or light seen in the sky or on land, whose appearance, trajectory, motions, lights and colors do not have an obvious conventional or natural explanation, and which cannot be explained, not only by the original witness, but by scientists or technical experts who try to make a common sense identification after examining the evidence." -- Center for UFO Studies
Military Sightings
RAF/USAF Bentwaters - tactical nuclear weapons base
Topic 5
Topic 6
Topic 7
2) History of Sightings
Sightings on record date back to the 11th Century
Shen Kuo - Chinese Genius
Credited with discovering magnetic north long before the compass was invented
Said the moon and the sun were like "balls" and not flat.
Accurately described why we have lunar and solar eclipses
Understood that the climate had changed over the centuries
Shen wrote in "Stange Happenings"
Shen wrote that, during the reign of Emperor Renzong (1022–1063), an object as bright as a pearl occasionally hovered over the city of Yangzhou at night, but described first by local inhabitants of eastern Anhui and then in Jiangsu. Shen wrote that a man near Xingkai Lake observed this curious object; allegedly it:
...opened its door and a flood of intense light like sunbeams darted out of it, then the outer shell opened up, appearing as large as a bed with a big pearl the size of a fist illuminating the interior in silvery white. The intense silver-white light, shot from the interior, was too strong for human eyes to behold; it cast shadows of every tree within a radius of ten miles. The spectacle was like the rising Sun, lighting up the distant sky and woods in red. Then all of a sudden, the object took off at a tremendous speed and descended upon the lake like the Sun setting.
See also: Edmond Halley (Halleys Comet) - 9,600 MPH UFO
Christopher Columbus Water borne UFO Sighting 1492

Over 150.000 UFO sightings have been documented in the last 60 years and recorded in various databases, but the total number of UFO sightings is estimated to be in the millions. There are several thousand sightings reported each year, yet surveys show that only a small percentage of those who see a UFO report the sighting.

Of all of the reported sightings, a "core" between 5% and 25% (depending on the sample) remain unidentifiable to expert examination; these are the real UFOs i.e. inexplicable both "high quality" and "high strangeness" cases. The rest being cases considered inconclusive (i.e. with insufficient data for valid judgement) and cases considered identified, either conclusively or provisionally (as e.g. misinterpreted astronomic or meteorological phenomena, optical illusions, balloons, aircraft, birds etc). Only a small minority (<5% per the Colorado University 1969 study of the USAF Project Blue Book files a.k.a. "Condon Report") of UFO reports turn out to be deliberate fraudulent reports / hoaxes, yet widely publicized hoaxes challenge the credibility of all UFO sightings.
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