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Sign Language Continuum

No description

kelley coplin

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Sign Language Continuum

Manually Coded English
Show every word
Show each prefix and suffix
Cannot exist separately from English/it is not a language in and of itself
One sign for one word
SEE (seeing essential english), LVE (lingusitics of visual english), SEEII (signing exact english)
Established for teaching Deaf people English
Pidgin Signed English
Two separate, unrelated languages are mixed together
ASL signs in English word order
Mouthing English words
Person signing is not considered fluent in either language used
American Sign Language
Visual language
Complex grammar and syntax
Separate signs for each concept
Bilingual-bicultural model
wide variety of sign choices among people
valuable skill to know and understand the languages and circumstances where each may be used
The Sign Language Continuum
Which to Choose?
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