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Keturah Gill

on 14 May 2014

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What is it? How to design a good one...
The magazine cover is a designer’s dream. There are enough constraints to give you structure. Your only mission: reveal the magazine’s content in a way that makes it jump off the shelf.
Nameplate/ Masthead
Awesome Magazine Cover Design
It is the title on the front of a magazine that identifies the name of the publication. It includes typography and sometimes graphics or a logo, and perhaps a subtitle, motto, and publication information.
Task: Look at the information contained in the link above. Use the Internet to find 3 examples of amazing magazine cover designs (they do not have to be the same genre as yours). Using what you have learnt annotate (a paragraph) your examples, identifying what each design has done successfully. Also highlight the elements you will apply to your own designs This MUST be included in your design process booklet.
Magazine Cover Design follows specific rules... make sure you pay attention!
What goes on the Cover?
Elements of Magazine Covers
Start Designing...
Where to next...
1. start sketching concepts for your cover designs... I will do some examples of how to do this on the board.

2. Begin designing your Masthead this should be done by hand first and then in Illustrator.
There are some things your cover must have:

Masthead/ Nameplate
Unique Selling/ Selling Line points e.g Australia's No.1 Fashion magazine.
Volume & Issue Numbers
Cover Image
Cover Lines & Main Story Line

It all depends on the genre and style of your magazine how many Cover Lines you will include but all the elements above are required.

As a designer it is your job to figure out how you can best present all of these elements in an exciting way.
It is really important that you get your cover design right! This is what makes an audience decide whether they will
1. Pick up you magazine and most importantly 2. If they will buy your magazine
Check out these examples: http://typophile.com/node/27504
Task: Find at least 3 examples of good masthead design (not from the link above). Analyse these images - what makes these designs so special. This must be included in your design process.

Task: Click the link below: Read from Cover Typography make a list (dot points) of what makes good cover typography. This should be included in your design process.
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