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Hollywood Undead!!!

Hollywood Undead are a rock/rap band...they started in 2005 and they've just release American Tragedy teh new album witch i can say rocks becuase i have it yay!

Kirstie Rainie Fuller

on 6 July 2011

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Transcript of Hollywood Undead!!!

Hollywood Undead..!! Hollywood Undead are a rap/rock/rap-metal/rapcose/crunk core band

They started in 2005 and are still rocking the charts..there not realy know in the U.K but they are beginging to.

They orginate from Los Angelese, California USA, Members... <3 There are 6 members, Deuce and j-dog started the band orginaly called The Kidz... Johnny 3 Tears Charlie Scene J-Dog Danny Funny man Da Kurlzz Charlie Scene.. Charlie Scene is a vocal singer..he raps, charlie scene's real name is Jordon Terrel..he's 26 years old and has been in hte band since 2005. Hollywood Undead Under The Masks...<33 He is awsome..! i love him! i am so obsessed with them all...i love them i listen to there songs any chance i get x i wanna meet them...but i know i never will. D= Charlie scene (Jordon Terrel) Johnny 3 Tears ( George Ragan) J-Dog (Jorel Decker) Danny (Daniel Murillo) Funny Man (Dylan Alvrez) Da Kurlzz (Mathew St.Claire
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