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No description

Joe Tovar

on 15 October 2011

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Transcript of Narrative

christian life drama skits being bold christmas play how church , having a clear conscious has opened my eyes into how careless i was with my actions and thoughts and what i would say. The moment i realized i didnt want to be i want to say greedy in buy buying a car at a dealership and having debt. I wanted to rather take public transportation and buy a car online cash to save money. my mind was put at a ease so peacefully because i knew there was a plan for me , and everything happens for the right reason as long as i am in God's path and follow his rules and live for him being in the skits helped me be more connected with God and show love and be a lot more opened minded to people feelings and ways. i became more open into sharing my thoughts and not being scared of public speaking or doing things in front of crowds, because i knew i was pleasing God and only him with my actions. taking part in the christmas play at my church came with great times of laughter and great people who would if i had questions or needed advice i would receive it. The first drama skit i saw after i got back from deployment, touched me and made me feel great inside. i wanted to be part of that drama team and in a blink of an eye i was part of it and i was feeling and getting all sorts of love filled feelings and thoughts moment i realized, this is the kind of life i want to live I think at the time i was doing the dramas and going out with my girlfriend i became a lot more religious because i wanted that great life for me and to be that man of God for her. In may of 2010 I began to take an interest in my church and my cousins weekly church gatherings. I remember going to church and seeing a play, it was about a man and a womans and their journey with trying to stay in God's path and not fall into sins of the world. There was so much body language expressing his and her struggle and with the music in the background it had that even more of an impact. I was moved by the whole drama. I asked the coordinator i would love to be part of the team. The woman, now my friend welcomed me with open arms and in a blink of an eye i was starting in dramas and plays. The whole time i was involved we would pray a lot we would gather and have, drama practice, and church. I felt i was evolving with God and it felt amazing. I felt so in touch with my conscious and knew i was doing the right things in pleasing God. I had no fear, no doubt in what i was doing. Everything, every word, action, feeling i had felt right. I carried myself with more maturity more respect for others and myself. wait ms rosario maybe i can get your number and we i can take u out for dinner and we can get to know each other..=) 9155037294 saray Their was one drama where i played God. It felt strange at first, cause i was barely starting to know and understand what he did for me. The truth is that God sent his only son to die for the sins of mankind so that we could have eternal life in his kingdom. I felt priveledged and i wanted to portray him the very best i possibly could. I felt so blessed afterwards. There was one drama we did that moved me so much, it was about a girl who gets caught up with all the wrong people. She makes the choice to stray from God and she is murdered by evil. In this whole time my parents had about a month that they had just got back together and i was hopeful the way i was living would be set an example to both my mother and father. Instead of the past where i was smoking and feeling very sad of where my family was headed, i would pray day and night. I felt more at ease and satisfied i was helping them that way. My parents soon started to attend church with me and listen to the word of God. In my life since i have excepted God i am more grateful for every little thing, big and small. I am so much more happy, and satisfied with life.
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