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No description

malindi demery

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Merbatty

Luxury boat company

33 yrs Trading

10% Sales Growth YOY 12yrs


Aim to expand to new markets


Cash Rich: Floated 2012
Strong, trusted brand: (33yrs)


High staff turn-over
Aqua design


BRIC markets
New designs: CAD tech


Sales agents + approach
Pre-building boats

Political instability in the Middle East
Legal terms and conditions (employment)

Multiple currencies (manage prices & costs)
Consistant growth in wealthy inhabitants

Cultural differences and language barriers
Micro culture of luxury spending

Tech developments i.e phones & tablets

Porters 5 Forces
Pursuing a competitive strategy- good reputation & sponsorship

Heavily reliant on Aqua designs

Merbattys top 3 competitors

BCG Analysis
Star: Large Boat Models

Cash Cow: customized features

Question mark: Middle boats models

Dog: Small Boats

Industry Analysis
Industry is thriving due to growing customer base of wealthy clients

Demand for larger boats

The end user profile of a Middle Eastern wealthy individual

Financial Analysis
Late delivery of hull of Top crestTopcrest V alternative company
Issue 1:
Immediate solution:
Cancel current contract with Topcrest

Proceed with new hull supplier

This will ensure Merbatty to keep their customer satisfied

Long-term solution:
Resolve issue with Topcrest

Sign a contract with them for future issues to be resolved more professionally

Build a strong relationship with new supplier in order to have a back up plan.

Design teamsMerbatty have two interior design teams that are willing to work in Surania
Issue 2:
Immediate solution:
Bring Arabian Interiors on board

They are based in Surania

They interior style suits Merbattys target market

Staff are fully trained in CAD systems

Long-term solution:
Merbatty should carry out contracts with Aqua and proceed with Arabian

They provide their service for 90k

They have limitless funds for expansion

Expand into vertical integration and start their own interior design service

Issue 3
Sales Staff vs. Sales Agents
Immediate Solution
Motivated, valuable networks, familiar with products
Redundant agents may work for rivals
Sales staff €++ (20 offices, training and recruiting)

Long-Term Solution
Agents encouraged to sell larger boats = Larger profits.

Issue 4 - JKL
Immediate Solution
Communication problems
resolve issues between executives and shareholders by corporate meeting
Tension between Simone and Alberto need to be resolved

Long-Term Solution
Charity commitment will need to be reduced, but not disregarded

Issue 5 - Racing Boat
Immediate Solution

Jesper proposal not feasible (12m 1st boat, 8m annually)
Idea shows good diverse innovation from employees
Merbatty sell 28 boats to break even
Distraction from core competencies

Long-Term Solution
Sponsorship remain high priority
Increasing brand recognition leads to more sales

Attractive Market
Stick to 5 year plan, keep investors happy =
stable economic situation needed for expansion
Source more stable suppliers – supplier power is high
Implement sales strategies that focus on selling larger boats
Long term – focus on vertical integration (disintermediation)
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