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STEM Presentation

No description

Daun Davids

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of STEM Presentation

My Story Start With My Grandparents
My Challenges
My Advice
Ask for help.
Take advantage of school resources.
My Advice
Change means that you will have to get out of your comfort zone.

Embrace your differences. Be innovative.
Stay Open-Minded & Curious.

Learning something new takes time!
Be Patient with Yourself! Don't Quit!

You help yourself by helping others.

Daun Davids

BS Computer Science (minor EE)
MS Computational Science & Robotics

AISES Sequoyah Fellow
Software Engineer
Minerva & Kenneth Davids
No one to really advise me.

No one to help me financially.

Computer Science:
Very few Native Americans
Very few Women
Engineering major more intensive

Virtually No Study Skills.

Apply for scholarships & internships
Find Work study or other jobs that allow you to study on the job.
Create your own support system:
family / friends
teachers / tutors
School groups - e.g. AISES
Java & Android App Development
Computer Science
The study of computing, programming, and computation when using computer systems.
Computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems;
this includes their:
Its Not Just About Programming
Why Computer Science?
Computers are Everywhere!
Essential / IoT
Lots of opportunities
Lots of options
Personally Satisfying
Problem Solving
Make a Positive Difference
Collaborative & Individual Work
Find your Motivation. Know why!
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