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Virginia by Jack and Ela

come to virginia we hav alot of cool stuff if you want to see what it is look inside

Laura Flanagan

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Virginia by Jack and Ela

Native Americans
The Native Americans were split into three main tribes (the largest and best known one is Algonquin it is numbered over 10,000 participants).
Before the English arrived eastern woodland Native Americans of the Algonquin language that included Powhatan and Rappahannock lived in Virginia. The English settlement started in Jamestown in 1907. The colony could not make any money until Tobacco emerged there, then they made some money.
lots of coastal plains and woodlands. There are also lakes.
Virginia is one of the Colonies


Where is Virginia
Founded in 1607 by John Smith. John Smith was a solider, explorer and a author. It is in the region of the southern colony's it is one of the biggest colony's.

Why you should go to Virginia
It has a beach so you can sun bath and swim. You can also ride your boat and raft.
Jamestown is the capitol of Virginia.
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