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Figurative Language

No description

katie mallo

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Figurative Language

Figurative Language Definitions,examples and Images To hide ones head in the sand. To hide ones head in the sand is to hide or run from ones fears instead of facing them. To be an also-ran. To be an also-ran is to take second place. to lose and not to be remembered for much longer. To miss the boat. To be completely wrong and to completely miss the point. To slay someone in the aisle. To truly impress someone else. To catch the eye. To catch someone's eye is to attract their attention To get ones goat To get ones goat is to make them really angry. To turn a shade of green To be extremely jealous. To take the biscuit. To pass the limit to anger someone. To see the writing on the wall. This means that something is plain to see. To do someone in. To find a way to kill someone. To be (or to not be) a picnic. To be easy (or hard). To stoop.
(Literally and figuratively) Literally: To bend down.
Figuratively: to do something horrible. To stand for To stand for something is to potentially fight for said thing because it is important to you. To be past its peak To lay down ones life To die for something or someone important. To make a pile To make a lot of money. To be a cut above the average To be better than the average. To toe the line To follow the rules. To see a lot of men or women. To date multiple people at the same time. To burst through a door. To open and go through the door quickly and angrily. To be out of luck When someone is unlucky. To do something until you drop. To do something until you are exhausted. To come out on top To win in the end. To be in the doghouse. To get into a lot of trouble. To take the stage. To get up and stand in front of someone to speak. To have it in for someone. To completely hate someone and want them dead. To no longer work properly (often out of old age).
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