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Raur means I love you in Godzilla

Learn about the fabulous like of Godzilla!

Paige Kidwell

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Raur means I love you in Godzilla

GODZILLA _________________________________________ What is Godzilla and what does he look/sound/act like? Godzilla is a giant radioactive lizard. He has charcoal-grey scales that are bumpy. Also, he has a long, powerful tail and jagged, bone-colored dorsal fins. His roar has remained the same, except a change in pitch. As the film series expanded, the stories portraying Godzilla changed from him being a hero, to other films making him out to be a mean, destructive monster. Who created Godzilla and why? What are some interesting facts about him? Godzilla was created just after the bombings of Hirushima and nagaski, thus he was created by nuclear explosions. Gojira(Godzilla's actual name) is a combination of two Japanese words: Goria(gorilla) and Kujira( Whale). That is because in one planning stage, he is described as "a cross between a gorilla and a whale." (Talking about his size, power, and origin in water.) Godzilla was created by Ishiro Honda What movies/cartoons are Godzilla in and what are they about? Godzilla first appeared in a film by Ishiro Honda. It was in 1954 and was called Gojira. Since then, Godzilla has become a big star and has been in 28 films. He even has his own star on the holywood walk of fame. Godzilla has also been seen in video games, novels, comic books, telivision series, and an American Remake. (Ishiro Honda)
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