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Organization and logistics Committee

No description

Eyad Morsi

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Organization and logistics Committee

- Responsible for Registration at First of the day and after break
- Responsible for Welcoming Delegates
- Responsible for Excuses Mail
- Responsible for keeping the Hall Calm
- Responsible for keeping the Delegates Comfort
- Responsible for getting the Materials needed for the session .
Who are we ?!
What do you know about OCs ?!!
Organization and logistics Committee
May Elzainy
Our head
Faculty of commerce English section - Fourth year
ثEconomic Department
Faculty of engineering
Alexandria University

Second year
Ziad Kamel

Victoria College
Senior one
Eyad Morsy
Victoria College
Senior one
Marwan Elnahtawy
Faculty of Arts , Oriental Languages Depatment

Alexandria University
Faculty of engineering
Alexandria University

First year
Amina Tarek
Mohammad Ashraf
Maryam Badr
Faculty of Dentisty
Alexandria University
بFirst year
Faculty of Commerce - English Section -
Alexandria University
Accounting Department

Fourth year
Islam Mostafa
Faculty of Commerce - English Section - Alexandria University
Economic Department

Fourth year
Noha Omar
Faculty of Commerce - Arabic Section
Alexandria University

Fourth year
Mennatallah Fawzy
Faculty of Commerce
Alexandria University
Mohammad Ramadan
Faculty of مLanguages
Ain Shams University

First year
Omaima Mostafa
We seek your convenience

Faculty of Commerce
Arabic Section
Alexandria University
Economic Section

Fourth year
Alaa Mohammad
The staff Members
سSmoha English School (S.E.S)

Zaynab Khaled
Faculty of Commerce
Arabic Section

Third year
Nourhan Slaem
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