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Coca Cola: Measurment of Social Media Performance

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Stefanie Fried

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Coca Cola: Measurment of Social Media Performance

Coca Cola Spain does not use cookies
Instead of using Cookies Coca Cola asks for sign up for campaigns and ask specific questions they can use to plan future development
Founded: 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler
In: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S
CEO: Muhtar Kent, CEO
Employees: 139.600 (2011)
Turnover: $35,119 Bil (2010)
Soft Drink Industry
more than 230 brands in ca. 200 countries
The Brands
Social Media

Spain Social media: facebook: 77.032.490 likes (facebook) 752.400 talking about it
Twitter: 79.926 followers, made 13.189 tweets
YouTube: 11.678 subscriptions
Coca Cola Offline Audience Measurement

1. Calculate a gross rating point
2. OTS
Opportunity to See
Popularity of the show/advert which is featuring the advert
Input/Output for Economists

Tracking method to see what people are looking at and how they heard about Coca Cola.
2 Types of Surveys: ‘What were the 4 adverts you remember watching this
‘Through what method, TV, Radio etc?
4. Radio
5. TV
but repetition as powerful way to define brand in customers mind
Measurement of TV audience has not changed
2 types of calculations
Investigating engagement with own media
Using analytics
in Spain: Google analytics
in Europe: 'Omniture web trends'
What they do:
1. They analyze, monitor and optimize the brand's online presence and reputation

2. They plan the campaign according to suitable locations and timings across the media platforms
Online Advertising

are used to measure success of online adverts (DFA)
How many times has an advert been seen?
Click Through Rates: How many adverts does Coca Cola need to get one click?

Tracking Pixels
Social Media Measurement
'Escucha social'
listen to their social media
get an ‘affinity of conversations’
Sentiment Measurement
The Onion Layers

1) Sentiments about Coca Cola Products
2) Sentiments about the Brand
3) Overall knowledge of the soft drinks industry
4) Competitors - alcoholic and non alcoholic
when the conversations are over 50% negative or focused on one issue in Social Media and website
Focus on this issue and start a campaign to encounter negative sentiment





Sign Ups instead of Cookies
Millward Brown Facial Coding
Uses Affectiva Affdex Facial coding software.
Uses webcam technology to read your exact reactions & emotions to advertisements.
The information is then placed onto a dashboard that illustrates the overall all emotions for each section of an advertisement.
Negatives include: what is the incentive of people doing it? Additionally there are other emotional reactions that occur away from the face.

Audience cannot participate unless they register on the Website
Registration gives Coca Cola access to basic information
Aim: to increase their data base and target future campaigns
Mobile Audience Measurement
Managers monitor process
Bango Mobile. Uses cloud based user behaviour. Bango provides details such as visitor activity, visitor engagement, demographic and traffic sources.
Mixpanel. This mobile analytics uses a funnel system to visually measure how audiences move through events (any meaningful interaction that the audience has with your app). Provides the opportunity to go between steps to see for example how many unique or returning users. 'Retention' aspect of the analytics sees exactly how often people return to the app.

Consumer Interaction Center
Ogilvy/ Sra. Rushmore
Investigation &
Mediation &
Content Creation
Location Based Services Measurement
LBS: To build upon their 'sign up' process, Coca Cola can engage with Location based Services at their events
Geo Enrichment provides: Zip code, sales territory, & Street network.
Find out more information on the audience lifestyle, to customize products and locations according to customer needs.

Thank you for your attention
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