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Main Idea and Supporting Details

Breaking down main idea

melissa pratt

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Main Idea and Supporting Details

Getting to Know Main Idea 1. Main Idea
A. Supporting Details
B. Supporting Details
C. Supporting Details
D. Supporting Details Define Main Idea... First,
Start by using your text features! How Do You Find the Main Idea? When searching for the main idea...
the first sentence
the last sentence of the paragraph Read the first Sentence in the article Look at the research paper....
what text features do you see? EXACTLY! The research question is in italics If the title of the research paper is considered a text feature

And text features are used to help the reader understand the main idea of text

What is the main idea of this text? (referring to the research article) Now that the we
what the the
over all
topic of the paper is....
let's see how
the author
breaks it down The 1st sentence:
introduces the reader to what the author will be talking about in their paragraph The last sentence:
is the final point the author wants to make to the reader about the topic Outlines Main IDeas of the research paper (answers)

1. Telephone invention helps suppliers meet the demands for their product

2. Cash register leads to correct information

3. Type writer helps improve legibility and speed SUpporting deTAILS

tHESE ARE VERY important. They are the sentences that help explain or elaborate on the main idea.
They are the why and how
Please find me some supporting details in the first paragraph

Refer to your main ideas before you raise your hand! tHE main idea of the paragraphs were not the inventors, but their inventions
how the inventions impacted business in the late 19th century If you are ever confused on the main idea...
go through the paragraph sentence by sentence.
Figure out what each individual sentence is saying
and then
draw a conclusion on what the main idea is
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