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Loan Production Office

Newport Beach, CA

jack haga

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Loan Production Office

Loan Production Office
Newport Beach, CA Branch Expansion Location, Location, Location Managment Team In the Heart of Orange County we have a
location convenient for all. Looking for the right platform We see the purchase market coming back
Working Reverse Mortgage as well
Finishing out a large Refi Market With the Market Opportunity... Making the triangulation
between the
Customer, R/E Agent,
and Loan Agent Helping the customer understand and navigate the process With over 50 years of combined experience
our team foresee a successful
mortgage operation with you. the right balance... Integrity and Trust
Customer Service Focus
Drive for Results Technology on our side... In house marketing for refi and purchase, we always find our customer. Customer R/E Agent Loan Agent Jack Haga
Christine Lacy
Doug Cavanaugh VersaChannel Inc. is a premier sales and marketing firm dedicated to building brand value for customers. The Company's strategic partnerships are focused on alignment, growing businesses, delivering marketing leads and referrals, innovation, customer and channel penetration, last but not least, reliable technology and communication tools. We recognize that as an organization, we will only be successful if we are committed to adding outstanding VALUE to our customers each and every day.

VersaChannel currently features a one of a kind approach to direct marketing, unlike traditional marketing and consulting firms that focus on analyzing problems for large customers, VersaChannel works exclusively with small business clients to develop concrete, practical marketing plans that will start moving their businesses in the right direction.

VersaChannel’s current services fall into five major categories:

• Lead Generation

• Geo Targeted Branding

• Managed Services

• Call Center Services

• Presence and Reputation Management

VersaChannel is currently looking to expand its services by coordinating data obtained from its clients and potential acquisition(s) and parlaying this data into ancillary revenue streams by focusing on three critical enablers:

1. Finding the right data and winning the consumer decision journey. By understanding how consumers make their purchase decisions we are able to develop effective strategies and marketing campaigns. These campaigns are designed to influence consumer decisions at every touch point of the complex process.

2. Mastering data appending to achieve multiple income sources. Many businesses can excel within their core client centric model. However, VersaChannel works with its clients to teach them how to maximize the value of each customer to drive additional profit and revenue.

3. Organizing for digital distribution. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Every lead is a potential sale to a customer in the business “food chain”. A client that is denied a mortgage is a qualified lead for credit restoration firms and secured credit card companies. A new home purchaser becomes a potential customer for other homeowner services; DirecTV, Internet provider, insurance, home security, home supply stores, etc.

VersaChannel has the capability to append large data streams and re-market leads to various businesses that are geo-targeted to homeowner’s specific area, which in turn, creates a business model that many businesses find desirable. VersaChannel looks not only to drive marketing leads across all verticals but to establish multi-directional flow of information from B2B, B2C, and C2C. Through its affiliated partnerships with current vendors, VersaChannel has created and operated a proof of concept model. This new platform, dubbed SATURN, will create multi-marketing opportunities direct to the consumer via mobile delivery; a triangulation of data and information to connect all parties to a specific transaction.
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