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Fort Fisher, North Carolina

No description

Leigh Baran

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of Fort Fisher, North Carolina

The Fort was constructed primarily using the earth and the sand as opposed to brick and mortar. Giant 32 foot mounds were built which contained bombproof shelters, telegraph offices, a hospital, and supply shelters. The mounds were connected through a series of underground passageways and a 9 foot fence surrounded the Fort.
What was the Fort like?
Colonel William Lamb recognized the importance of Fort Fisher's location. He expanded the Fort to include over one mile of sea defense and one-third of a mile of land defense against the Union.
Who constructed Fort Fisher?
Fort Fisher is conveniently located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River. Just a few miles north along the river lies Wilmington, an important city and port during the war. Fort Fisher helped protect the city from attack.
There were many differences between the North and the South. Most notably, the South was primarily a farming region while the North was more industrialized. In order to support their agricultural needs, the South depended on the use of slaves to do the work. The North wanted to abolish, or end, slavery. This sparked the start of the war between the North (The Union) and the South (The Confederacy).
What Caused the Civil War?
I'm sure many of you have been to a North Carolina beach before. But did you know that there is a very important historical landmark located at one of North Carolina's beaches, Kure Beach?

Today we will explore Fort Fisher and how it played a role in the Civil War. You will explore each step in our virtual field trip and record your responses on the scavenger hunt worksheet.

Click the arrows below to get started!
Welcome to Fort Fisher!
Fort Fisher
North Carolina
Location, Location,
Attacks on Fort Fisher
Although the Union planned many attacks against Fort Fisher, they did not attack until December of 1864. After two days of fighting, the Union withdrew their troops. They attacked again in January of 1865 and took over the Fort. Within weeks, the Union took over Wilmington and shut down the supply
lines that had been helping the South
during the war.
How did Fort Fisher help the South?
Fort Fisher allowed blockade runners (steam ships carrying supplies) to travel up the Cape Fear River to Wilmington. The blockade runners came from many locations outside the US such as Nova Scotia and Bermuda. The South traded their cotton and tobacco for supplies that their troops could use in the War.
Fort Fisher TODAY
Fort Fisher is now a historical site where the public can take a tour around the area, participate in live re-enactments, and view museum exhibits.
click here to explore some of the exhibits:
To learn more about Col. William Lamb, click here: http://www.nchistoricsites.org/fisher/gallery/g-lamb.htm

Take a tour!
What kinds of supplies do you think the blockade runners carried?
This concludes our virtual field trip. I hope you had fun exploring one of North Carolina's great historical treasures!

Please finish your scavenger hunt and re-visit any part of the field trip if you need to.
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