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Out Put Devices

No description

phil wick

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Out Put Devices

Out Put Devices
Any peripheral that recieves and or displays out put from a computer is considered an ouput device. Printers
Printers are used to make a hard copy to fullfil humans needs in needing to touch something. Disk Drives
A cd drive has many functions Speakers
Away for your computer to give you some sort of audio/ away for your computer to interact with you. Cam Tool
Computer Aided Manufacturing tool is used to manufacture
a number of products. The cam tool above machines

Robots take all kinds of comands from computers, these instructions are usually within the program for the robot. Robots can also be used for challenges or fun and competition like in the video below. Plotter

In the plotter above the paper is fixed to a flat surface
and the pens move around to draw the image on their
own. Out Put Devices

Phil Wick Headsets
Small loud speakers with away to have it close to the users ears to listen to audio output from the computer. Monitor
Images are generated from the video output with out a perminent record. Mouse
There is computer hardware that gets information from the computer and from the touch of your finger.
A list of out put devives:
5.disk drives
6.cam tools
8.head phones
9.mouse Video of Cam Tool Operating Video of Plotter Cutter Plotter cutters can be used for pretty well
any fabric such as wood, fabric, and metal What is a Output Device?
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