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Epic Hero Project

No description

Taylor Sparkle

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Epic Hero Project

Epic Hero Project
The hero I chose for this project is Anna from the movie "Frozen". In the movie Frozen Anna shows undeniable characteristics of her being an epic hero. Characteristics being: dignity, selflessness, and determination.
In the movie Frozen, Anna shows dignity by keeping a worthy honor and respect. For example when she found out that Hans is not who he says he is, she gives him what he deserves.
One good way Anna shows selflessness in the Movie Frozen is that she stood in front of Elsa when she was about to be killed and knew she was going to freeze to death instead of being kissed to survive.
Anna's last characteristic is determination. Anna shows determination in this movie by continuing to find her sister Elsa and not give up.

Arendelle( Chaos)
Status Quo
In the beginning the story starts off in the Kingdom of Arendelle.
Call to Action
This is when Anna discovers that Elsa has powers and that Elsa fears that she is a monster. She now knows she needs to help her.
In the movie Anna asked Kristoff if he would help her find Elsa.
This is when Anna and Kristoff head out searching for Elsa.
This is when Anna and Kristoff run into an snowman named Olaf that seems very confused when they are in a hurry to find Elsa.
This is when Anna tries to convince Elsa to come back home to Arendelle.
This is when Anna was struck in the heart by Elsa and is in critical condition of freezing to death.
This is when Anna realized that she was beginning to freeze and needed an act of love to cure her.
This is when Anna realizes that Hans never loved her and that he just wanted the throne.
This is when Elsa returns home and realizes that Anna is in trouble.
New Life
This is when Elsa realized that her sister truly loved her and died for her.
This is when Anna is cured through the act of true love and that Arendelle is back to being peaceful and happy.
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