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Salene Dobson

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of Seniors

Why do seniors have to have a full day of school if they only need 2-3 credits? Students grades K-12 need 180 full days of
school. If you want to have a half
day of school you need to
be in Coop or internship. My Real world problem Real world research
We have been finding real world problems that we
were concerned about. Then we had to find three people we can concact about our real world problem.
We had to wait for them to write back to answer our question.
I asked some of the senior
that goes to Ben Davis
about how they feel about
having a full day of school if
they only need 2-3 credits.
Half of them said it's not rite
for us to have to go a full day.
Others said they they are just going to go to night school.

Mr. Mckinney Ms. Squire Mr. Smith Mrs. Carter Seniors Indiana school chief to require snow day makesups The state schools chiefs of wants Indiana students in class for a full 180 days each school years.

State Superintendent Tony Bennett says that starting next school year, the Department of Education will require districts to make up a day of school for each day canceled because of weather. Currently,school can apply for waivers to aviod making up all missed time.

Bennett also says half days will no longer count toward instructional time.

When Bennett led a southern Indiana school district, he applied for waivers so that it wouldn't have to make up all the days missed.

But Bennett says now that he's the state superintendent, he is looking out for the best interst of all students in Indiana. He says students need extra time in class to succeed in the 21 century.

retval;}, e(a);return. "Indiana schools chief to require snow day makeups." WNDU - Home. NBC News 16, 18 Mar. 2009. Web. 25 Mar. 2010. <http://www.wndu.com/education/headlines/41420517.html>. Bennett Announces Changes to 180 Instructional Day Policies In the past, the Department of Education has occasionally allowed school corportions not to make up all the days that were canceled due to weather,"Bennett said."Going forward, we believe this practice does not meet the needs of Indiana's students. School corporations have it in their power to create academic schedules that build in the necssary flexibility that will allow them to ensure their students receive at least the minimum number of instructional days. The department of Education stands ready to assist schools in planning their calendars and seeking creative solutions to guarantee students receive the 180 days of classroom instruction."

"Bennett Announces changes to 180 Instructional Day Policies." Bennett Announces changes to 180 Instructional Day Policies 17 Mar. 2009: 1. Print. Sherman Woodard In order to attend Ben Davis during thye day, students must be considered a full-time student. A full-time student must be assigned to no less than five credits per day. A student with an IEP that states a fukk day is not in the best interest of the student is the only exception. We are providing numerous opporting for where they earn credits, money,and hands-on job experience. Other students are volunteering up to 120 hours per semester and are able to leave school three periods early for their services to the community.We have implemented an Ivy Tech Early admissions Program that will allow students to attend Ben Davis High School part-time and Ivy Tech Community College part-time. Seniors can also attend Ivy Tech full-time and earn their high school crdits at the same time without attending Ben Davis.

Woodard, Sherman. Email interview. 19 Feb. 2010.

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