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A Time of Terror

No description

Antony Murray

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of A Time of Terror

A Time of Terror
7th Grade
After the French Revolution began, the National Assembly passed laws to prevent violence.

The First and Second Estates privileged position was ended.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was created.
It promised freedom of speech and religion and equal treatment of all citizens under law
Damage limitation
Agree to disagree
In 1791 the National Assembly adopted a new constitution. The King would remain on the throne, but an elected parliament would make the laws.

Publicly Louis XVI agreed with this, but secretly he plotted with other European monarchs to invade his own country and restore his authority.
Time's up
When the French people discovered Louis' plotting, he and his wife Marie Antoinette were thrown in prison.

The constitution was changed making France a Republic (no more Kings or Queens).
Extreme Measures
In 1793 a group of young radical revolutionaries took over the government.

They wanted a clean break from the past to then build a new French society.

The chose to use a guillotine to chop of the head of hundreds of nobles, including the former King and Queen.
Reign of Terror
Many European neighbors were horrified by what happened in France and formed an alliance to fight the French Republic.

The Revolutionaries reacted with this period of violence, where anyone who questioned the revolution was killed.

In 1794 the National Assembly ordered the same Revolutionaries themselves be executed.
The Directory
In 1794 this group of five people took over the French government.

Why did the focus of the French Revolution change from human rights to terror?
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