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Transcript of Sad

only if I am indeed guilty then I tell
accedes only guilty when in fact what is
when guilty of something then I punish myself
only if it is possible then I'm flexible
sometimes I'm very flexible
appreciate it when someone is flexible with me
I admit sometimes I'm impulsive
but I try my impulses are for good
usually always dominated my impulses
sometimes I'm not very sensitive
some other'm nothing sensitive
but believe it or not I think I'm too sensitive
I am sad when someone person not trust me
sometimes I feel sad when and failed
however I do not feel sad that I always look high
I hardly pitting
but sometimes I think if I'm depressed
however do not let me down depression
I tend to be more peaceful than aggressive
sometimes give a good use to be aggressive
always channel my aggression on other things
I am nothing jealous
being jealous is synonymous with insecurity
I am rather jealous I have pride of belonging

many call me crazy
I also sometimes think crazy
Insanity is just a flavor that only madmen know
I think I'm excited when I'm on high
I produce victories feeling excited
and some other situations just make me be excited
I think today I'm angry
is very rare for this angry
I do not like being angry
not much of what I feel ashamed
much less am ashamed of what has touched me
but even so I would like to turn back time to correct what I feel ashamed
I am very difficult to alter
I like natural things without altering
I do not want change, I keep calm
I always look for something that motivates me
I like to be motivated
I adjust task to write down everything that motivates me

Created by
Moises Octavio Nuñez Ramirez ingles IV
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