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Good Practice

No description

Darren Tattersall

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Good Practice

My good Practice Make it relivant to them
The one thing which I felt
made a big diffrence to my
lessons, was when I focused on
making the lesson relivant to the
students. I did this in a number of ways:
Creat fake situtations, (example you all have to stay to school till six)
Contextualize learning to the childrens local environment.
Use technology and media that they like to use. Homework: write a blog,
find a song, youtube clip, make short video, etc.
Creates a flexible learning
environment, and therefore
looking after the indvidual
learning styles. All so makes it easy to
fit in language of choice. Not having a plan in
my head to deal with
behavioural issues
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