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Anytime,anywhere... with iRoute!

iRoute company profile and introducing all products.

Justin Kim

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Anytime,anywhere... with iRoute!

Anytime, Anywhere ... with Mobile,GPS Total Solutions CEO Marketing Out sourcing Marketing plan Management support Tracking
system Research & Development Marketing channel Survey H.R Accounting Calculate Operation Maintenance Develop plan Develop support Research 2000 2010 2007 GPS Philippines founded Started GIS Philippine Map Released Vanse, Bluetooth Items, Tracking System iRoute Inc. Founded, iRoute Android Phone Develop Started GIS Philippine Map Supported Navigation Map Supplied Map GPS Maker Develop Navigation Tools for Android, Tacking System Development Vanse for iphone Development Bluecon & Smart controller 2012 YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY! iRoute Inc. brings you the latest and the coolest products of the century. An easy to use and a friendly user car navigator, tracking device and a multimedia remote control and other devices Development.We will assure you to have a hassle-free, comfortable, stress less and secure life with our products.Proudly Develop and Made in Philippines. Using GPS, GIS The Overall Management System For Improving Business Efficiency (Outcome) By Using GPS, GIS And Wireless Communication Technology On The Mobile Objects (Vehicles, Ships, Airplanes, Etc.) To Find / Manage The Location And Control Real Time. GPS + GSM Terminal Control Server Location, vehicles status
Emergency infomations Emergency status
Report Monitoring System in Company Vechile control Automatic Vechle Location System Vanse Smart Kit Auto charging Video Display Car Aux display videos, gps on TV or 7inch Vanse
bigger screen plug and charge through car's 12 volt lighter outlet Smart & Secure adjustable mounting Quickly secure the cradle to your wind shield of dash board and easily adjust landscape or portrait viewing No worry of scratches Directly connect to your car audio
system Bluecon Bluetooth remote control multimedia @ camera shutter for all Apple products Moving smart total kit for iphone Company history city guide
Traffic service
Vehicle tracking - logistics, bus, taxi, rental car, police, security, military iRoute LBS system Maps Routing GIS Information Preventing missing child
Chase criminal, preventing Multimedia controller
Camera shutter remote click
Siri feature remote on
other ... Smart controller for smartphone and tablet pc to touch a phone and tablet.
to pull your phone from your bag.
to connect your phone in your bag. Bluetooth Remote control - Multimedia & Camera shutter Isn't there any way to control the video freely and watch the movie more comfortable? Bluetooth Remote control - Multimedia & Camera shutter Isn't there any way to control the video freely and watch the movie more comfortable? Bluetooth Remote control - Multimedia & Camera shutter Isn't there any way to capture the moment as it happens without shaking? Do not need Hands-free Do not need to pull your phone out hardly from bag Phone, Voip call on 3G, wifi
Phone call via earphone while listening music
Noise reduction, Echo cancellation
Place your device wherever you want Qwerty keyboard Be free from inconvenience on facebook,twitter,sms,email etc Feel free typing on facebook, twitter, sms
Full Qwerty keyboard
Backlight on every keyboard in darkroom
Do not need to go to desktop computer to type internet url address in brower. Multimedia device controller Control music, movie and camera shutter and typing sms, facebook, email etc Navigate , Select on a device via Bluetooth
Control the music and movie player
Type internet url address in brower on PC Coming Products iRoute future - smart phone, Black box, Smart controller iRoute Dual Channel Live Blackbox Tracking system + Live Blackbox Specs.

- Dual Channel Camera (Front View site, Passenger View Site)
- Support LTE+ 3G + Wifi
- GPS, G-Sensor
- Up to 64GB Support Memory Card
- 1.3MP Camera With 2” LCD Screen
- Online Real Time View At Your Desk Use LTE, 3G and wifi
- First Technology In The World
- Patent applications expected to more than 80 countries in the
World i-Con remote BlueCon + Smart controller + Air mouse Specs.

2” LCD Display (Can See Call, SMS, Facebook, E-mail, Etc…)
Phone / VoIP Call
Phone Call via Earphone
Air Mouse (G- Sensor) for Computer
Navigate / Select the iPhone, iPad, Android Device
Control the Music / Movie Player
Typing for SMS/ E-mail, Facebook, etc…
Camera Remote Shutter
Siri for iOS
Talk time : 20 Hours
Stand by time : 400 Hours
Playback time : 15 Hours
Coverge Range : 10M
1000mah Battery
HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, HID iNspire- i50 android phone Limited edition Luxury smart phone Specs.

Quad Core Processor 1.4Ghz
LTE (4G) / HSPA+21Mbps
Dual Sim / Dual Standby
WCDMA 850/2100MHz
5.3" HD(800*1280) Display
16GB EMMC+DDR2 2GB + 32GB Micro SD
Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie
WIFI (802.11 b/g/n)/GPS/AGPS/
13.0AF back camera + 2M front camera
G-Sensor(3D)/ Light Sensor/Proxy-Sensor
Graphical, animated (3D UI)
Wireless Charging System
2700mAh battery x 2
24K Gold - Plated Side Covering
3years Warranty
For the VIP Market Only Tracking Device Target Unit Million Pesos Tracking Device Target Sales Tracking Device Target Export i-Con Target Market / Unit i-Con Target Sales iRoute Target Market & Sales in 2013
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