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Copy of Tuck Everlasting Plot Diagram

No description

Ashley Martin

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Tuck Everlasting Plot Diagram

Tuck Everlasting
By Natalie Babbitt
Winnie Foster is the main character. Her
parents own the wood next to her house,
and are very strict. Winnine thinks about
running away from home. The following
day, she goes into the wood just to see
what its like. Inside, she finds a boy drinking from a spring. She wants to drink from it as well, but the boy won't let her. In a panic,he takes her to his mother.
Themes introduced in the exposition: the circle of life and the idea of immortality.
Setting: A town called Treegap in the first week of August in 1880. Babbit likens the first week of August to "the highest seat of a ferris wheel when it pauses in it its turning." This could also be a reference to the circle of life.
The boy (called Jesse Tuck) and
his mother kidnap Winnie and
take her to their house. Winnie
sees a man in a yellow suit. He
recoignizes her as a girl he once
saw in Treegap, but says nothing.

Rising Action:
When Jesse and Mrs. Tuck take Winnie back to their house, Mr. Tuck explains that drinking the water from the fountain makes one immortal. Unbeknownst to the Tucks, the man in the yellow suit hears this whole story. Mr. Tuck says she must never drink from it and that she'll have to stay the night at their house.
She stays for dinner and enjoys the
Tucks' more relaxed style as opposed
to her own. However, she is still uneasy about being kidnapped and isn't sure if she believes them about being immortal. The family is made up of Mrs. Tuck, Mr. Tuck, Miles Tuck (the older brother, at 21), and Jesse Tuck (the younger brother, at 17).
While Winnie stays with the Tucks, each one tries to get her to understand why mortality is better than immortality. Mr. Tuck seems especially affected by the condition, though everyone else is more adjusted.
Jesse Tuck approaches Winnie. Out of the family,
he seems most comfortable with immortality. Jesse
sees it as an opputinity to do and see more things
in life. He asks Winnie to drink the spring when she's 17 and then marry him.
While all this is happening, Winnie's parents are very worried about her. The man in the yellow suit confronts them and offers them a deal; he'll get Winnie back for them if they give him their wood. Reluctant, but desperate, they agree.
The man in the yellow suit goes to the local constable and says he'll take him to where Winnie is. The constable follows, though the man in the yellow arrives first.
When the man in the yellow suit arrives at the Tucks' house,
he confronts them with his knowledge of their secret. He threatens to sell the water in the spring to the "worthy" people. When the Tucks refuse to travel with the man and be "freaks" in his show, he threatens to give Winnie the water and take her. Mrs. Tuck then hits him on the head with a rifle, and knocks him out cold. The constable arrives just as this happens and takes Winnie home.
Falling Action:
When Winnie is taken back home, she finds out from Jesse, who comes to visit her, that the man in the yellow suit died from Mrs. Tuck's blow to the head. Mrs. Tuck has been arrested and will be hung the next morning.
This is a serious problem because if Mrs. Tuck is hung, she won't die. Then everyone would know that she was immortal and everyone would know their secret.
Jesse is panicked, but Winnie has a solution to the problem. She will sneak into Mrs. Tuck's cell at the jailhouse and switch places with her in the middle of the night. Then, Mrs. Tuck will have a chance to escape and have a few hours headstart. Jesse thanks her profusely and says he will come at midnight and take her to the jail. He also slips her a small bottle of the water from the spring, so that when she's seventeen she can drink it and one day he'll come back and marry her.
Project by Carly Gove, PD. 9/10
At midnight, the Tucks come and pick Winnie up. They take her to the jail. Miles, who is a carpenter, removes the window from the cell Mrs. Tuck is in, and Winnie climbs in. Mrs. Tuck climbs out, and they escape successfully.
When the constable finds Winnie in the jail the next morning, he is furious. However, he cannot charge her with anything because she is only 10.
Years later, Mr. and Mrs. Tuck come back to Treegap to see if Winnie drank the water and is still alive. When they arrive, they find her gravestone, and are happy that she didn't condemn herself to immortal life.
The conflict in the story is character vs. character. It is the Tucks and Winnie vs. the man in the yellow suit.
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