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Impact of crime on the individual and community

No description

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Impact of crime on the individual and community

Impact of crime on the individual and communities
Negative impact of crime on communities
Broken window theory
Poor reputation
Influence further crime
Damage community spirit
money will need to be spent on services such as victim support
The police service will need extra funding to combat the levels of crime
Money has to be spent on repairing damages.
Financial cost of crime
House prices will fall which may lead to higher insurance premiums
Encourage more crime including revenge crimes
Broken window theory which will encourage further crime
Deter people from moving into the area which could lead to the neighbourhood having a bad reputation
Effects of communities and individuals
Loss of confidence
The victims family members are also effected
Fear of the crime being repeated
Stress disorders
Emotional cost of crime
Higher police presence
Better/more security being installed
Could encourage more community action
Positive effects of crime on communities
Media influence on crime
According to official crime statistics, levels of crime is actually falling however if we pay attention to the media crime is ever more present in society.
The media portray as crime as higher than ever, this increases fear in individuals.
Moral panic theory: where something relatively minor gets exaggerated by the press which makes people panic.
e.g the threat of terrorism is supposedly very high but there are not actually many incidents that are down to terrorism
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