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Elephant Run

No description

Lucas Del Rosario

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Elephant Run

On the teak plantation that Nick's father owns and in the elephant village, captured elephants help with carrying the wood and other work around the plantation and the village. This is Roland Smith, he wrote Elephant Run as well as Thunder Cave, Jaguar, Sasquatch, The Last Lobo, Zach's Lie, Cryptid Hunters, Jack's Run, and many others. A German Luftwaffe flew over Nick's apartment and dropped bombs onto it. This is Burma(Myanmar), where most of Elephant Run takes place. When the Japanese took over the plantation, they were secretly building an airfield in the jungle. The Hawk's Nest's fireplaces led to secret passages.Nick, Mya, and Hilltop used these to escape from the Japanese. CLIMAX 1.German planes drop bombs on Nick's apartment and his mother decides London is too dangerous for Nick. RISING ACTION FALLING ACTION 2.Nick is taken to his father's plantation by Nick's father's friend named Nang and his daughter named Mya. 3.When Nick finally gets to the plantation, he, Nang, and Mya overhear other mahouts talking about bombings by the Japanese in the nearby city. Character Analysis Nick Disappointed (Page 3-4) After the bombing, Nick's mother sent him to Burma to live with his father. I am a hundred percent sure he would be disappointed. He is forced to leave what he is used to and what he knows. Plot Mya Impatient (Page 48) When Mya was waiting for Nick to wake up, she thought, "How long can someone sleep?" She even thought of leaving but then Nick woke up. Nick Embarrassed (Page 50-79) After Hannibal knocked Nick down and injured him, Nick tried to hide the pain because he was embarrassed. He didn't want anyone to think he was stupid getting close to a full grown, bull elephant. Mya Envious (Page 44) Mya is jealous of her older brother Indaw because her father, Nang encourages Indaw to become a mahout but not Mya just because she is a girl. I think Mya is just as good a mahout as Indaw. Nick Rebellious (Page 82) Right when Nick was getting used to Burma, his father tells him he has to leave. Nick refused to leave, and he even says, "I'm staying here." Nick's way of reacting almost gets him killed later in the book. Elephant Run takes in Burma on a teak plantation in 1941 during the time of World War II. Mya Conflicted (Page 142-143) Mya just learned that Bukong wanted to marry her. It just came out of nowhere. She doesn't know what to do. She hates Bukong but it seems like it's the only way. Character Conflict 4.Nick finally meets his father he hasn't seen since he was five and Nick's father gives him a pocketknife that his father gave to him and his father gave to him. 5.Mya shows Nick around the elephant "camp" and Nick meets Hilltop, Mya's great- grandfather. Character vs. Self Character vs. Character Character vs. Nature Character vs. Society 6.Indaw, Mya's brother comes back from a trip and meets Nick. 7.Nick, his father, Indaw and Mya go for a ride around the plantation on Christmas morning with the plantation elephants Miss Pretty and Chow. 8.Nick's father tells Nick and Mya that he is sending them to India because the Japanese were about to take over Burma. 9. Nick's father and Hilltop set Hannibal free so the Japanese won't find them and capture them. 10.Japanese come and capture Nick's father, Indaw and Mya, but Nick manages to hide. 11. A Japanese soldier named Sergeant Sonji eventually finds Nick and takes him back to the plantation where Nick's father, Mya, Indaw, and the villagers are being kept as slaves. 12. Mya's father, Nang, is killed by the Japanese. 13.Nick meets Colonel Nagayoshi, a cruel Japanese soldier who know has possession of the plantation. Theme 14.Nick's father and Indaw are sent to a far away work camp somewhere in Burma. 15.Nick is held captive on the plantation for more than ten months. 16.Hilltop devises a plan to help Mya and Nick escape. 17.Bukong tells Mya he wants to marry her, but Mya is shocked. 18.During the night, Hilltop shows Nick secret passages within the Hawk's Nest. 19.Hilltop, Nick, and Mya dress up as monks and leave the Hawk's Nest through the passages. 20. They get to a village where they almost blow their cover Captain Moto, a Japanese soldier. 21.They finally get to the camp where Indaw and Nick's father are and help them escape. 15.Nick learns the head houseman of the Hawk's Nest, Bukong was with the Japanese all along. 22.They are caught by Bukong and Captain Moto, but Nick's stepfather in the army and Hannibal the elephant come and kill them. 23. They all get to Alice Springs, Australia, where they can live safely. When Nick, Hilltop, and Mya were escaping, Nick was deciding if he should turn himself in to be at the work camp with his father or escape and leave his father behind. Chapter 22 Chapter 8-10 When Nick's father told him he was sending him out of Burma to Australia via India, and Nick refuses and says he wants to stay in Burma. Mya was angry because her dream of becoming a mahout was crushed because tradition said only men could become mahouts. Burma is a hot place, and since Nick is from London, a usually cold place, he is not adapted to the hot weather of Burma. (Chapter4) (Chapter 1-10) Determination I think the theme of Elephant Run is determination. Nick and Mya could have easily given up because of the circumstances. The Japanese had kept them as prisoners and escaping seemed like a near impossible task. They could have given up if they weren't so determined. Because of their determination, they were able to escape to safety. I think if they weren't so determined, they would have gotten nowhere. We can all learn from Nick and Mya's determination. Determination is what gets us far in life.
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