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chemical reaction experiment

No description

erick martinez

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of chemical reaction experiment

chemical reaction experiment.!
materials 2 alka seltzer. water. film conister. 1 paper towel roll. tape. tape measure procedure 1.take materials outside away from people objects and windows fill canister full with water but i whole alka seltzer in canister and put cap on immediately 4. point cap up straight out at a slight angle.
question/purpose does the size of alka seltzer affect the size of chemical reaction.
hypothesis if i place i whole 1have and 1 fourth of an alka seltzer tablet in water then i predict one whole alka seltzer will make more chemical reaction.
when cap shoots off leave it until it lands dump canister and water on the ground. 6 mesure from starting point to cap. 7 report steps 2-6 for one have and one forth
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