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No description

Gerardo Azcarraga

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Tablets

Galaxy Tab 2
Mass marketing
Differentiation based on price
For families
For students
Apple Ipad
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
First released by Apple in 2010
The King of the market from the beginning

Mainly in the Conative stage of the heirarchy model, encouraging purchases
Focusing on what's in the new version, so it cam be marketed towards older model iPad owners as well as non-Apple customers

Product offering
Differentiated approach
Focus is on the quality of the components such as the screen and camera
Consumer Behaviour
Kindle introduced in 2007
Kindle Fire introduced 2011

Expected Product
Consumer Behavior
Minimal advertisement
Plenty of information on Amazon
Focus on evaluation of alternatives
Help in purchasing
Focus on post-purchase
Augmented Product
Amazon ranked #20
Kindle brand is rising
Leader in brand loyalty for tablets
Amazon brand provides confidence
This is what the consumer can reasonably assume to get:
Great quality display
Stylish design
iCLoud access
This is what the consumer thinks there is a chance they'll get, but it's not a major decision-making point:
iOS platform
Apple Care
Social status
Product offering is what a product can provide to the consumer, and what the consumer believes they can expect to be provided other than the physical product.

The core and potential products are generally uniform for all tablets, however the iPad has some distuinguishments in the expected and augmented stages
Kindle Fire
Brand awareness
Brand quality
Product Offering
Brand loyaty
Brand association
Expected Product
Branding is very important for the iPad, the lable is half the value and most of the buying drive
Augmented Product
The Apple iPad is one of the most recognised pieces of technology on the market
Apples advertising campaign has ensured high levels of both reach and depth of information to the consumer
Amazon Prime
"Mayday" button
Amazon Cloud
Great customer service
High style
Very little cognitive dissonance
A 'top of the line' product: generally percieved to be better in almost all aspects than competitors
Android Platform
Internet connectivity
Second Screen
"X-Ray" vision
Apples iOS platform helps keep customers loyal (81% stay loyal)
Actual product value measures up to percieved product offering, so there is no need to move to a competitor
"there's an app for that"
More expensive product = higher prestige and social standing
Life Cycle
Growth Stage
Apple advertises to stimulate the Need Recognition and Problem Awareness stages of the 5 step decision making process
This is done by implying that lives are measurably enriched by the addition of an iPad
The prestige that comes with an Apple product largely cancels out the search for alternative products, once a consumer wants a tablet, odds are they will purchase an iPad

Amazon Kindle Fire

Brand Awareness
Quality Perception
Brand Loyalty
Differentiated approach focusing on utility and class leading innovation.

Established via direct comparison with Apple products.
A tablet with no one specific use, it is just everything you need: it replaces a newspaper, mobile phone, gaming console, iPod, photo album, camera, laptop etc.
Consumer Behavior
JB Hi-Fi Full page spread:
Market relevant, superior product

Modern day need, more than just a tablet.

Clear and easy to use website:
Features at a glance
Full specifications
Latest News

Product Offering
Product offering is what a product can provide to the consumer, and what the consumer believes they can expect to be provided other than the physical product.
Very high brand awareness globally.

"The Next Big Thing is Here" for the S4, extending to the Tab 2.
Increasing perceived brand quality in relation to Apple.
Samsung is in second place for Brand Loyalty in Tablets and first in smartphones.
Campaigning to shift Samsung's association from cheap, run of the mill products to innovation and quality.
The Galaxy Tab 2 is positioned as a utility device therefore it is expected top have:
The capacity to multi-task
A good screen resolution,
Good camera quality
Ability to use external memory
Android platform, which provides access to “Google Mobile Service”.
Pioneering technology and newest features available in the market.
The Galaxy Tab 2 is proving to be a suitable competition for the iPad, with Samsung controlling the second largest market share for tablets, after Apple.
Number 2 brand according to branddirectory.com
Created by the aggressive marketing campaign of Samsung to boost perception in comparison to Apple.
Apple's fall from first can be partly attributed to the "Next Big Thing" campaign.
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