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DevilPrint 4.9.13

No description

Davis Gossage

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of DevilPrint 4.9.13

The Duke University
Mobile ePrint Solution DevilPrint Who We Are THE mobile ePrinting solution What DevilPrint Accomplishes Duke needs a mobile ePrinting system

Duke students want a mobile ePrinting solution

Printing shouldn't be a hassle anymore, it can now be done anywhere, at anytime How we did it What's Up Next with DevilPrint Cross-compatibility

Print by Email

Advanced Job Logging and personal print records

Integration with DukeMobile

Method for secure printing of encrypted Sakai URLs Where we are going
after DevilPrint We want to continue to find ways to improve technology at Duke, DevilPrint was the first of many ideas

Mobile Sakai interface? Team Members: We asked 450 Duke Students what devices they owned. 82% owned an iPhone or iPod touch. Of those who had an iPhone or iPod Touch, 84% said they would use an ePrint App on their device. Robert Ansel Jason Oettinger Emmanuel Shiferaw Davis Gossage Duke OIT supplied VM Server
Bitnami LAMP server
PHP Server Backend
iOS Json Development
CUPS Print Server
OpenOffice.org Tool Suite
qtWebKit Utilities
Virtual X11 Server Utilities Looking Forward Prototype is fully functional
Still working to advance the web interface
Hope to be in App Store by May 1st for 'soft launch'
Would like to market it fully for next year Cross Platform Compatibility Android and Windows Phone applications

Full multi-browser compatible web-interface

Personalized print record access

Print by email Current Capabilities PDF Printing support

Support for all Open Office readable files

Extensive web URL compatibility

Advanced web-interface in development

Secure file transfers (iOS only) Our Print Standard Google Chrome Print facebook.com huffingtonpost.com Try it out! DevilPrint has not yet been sent to the App Store, but feel free to try out the printing functionality from any device.

bit.ly/DevilPrint (cAsE-sEnSiTiVe)
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