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Subliminal Messaging

No description

Sierra Hays

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Subliminal Messaging

Messaging Real Life
Situation: What is the best source for finding truth behind a subliminal message? Subliminal messaging in society and government. By: Andy, Elizabeth, Melissa, and Sierra Areas Of Knowledge History
Psychology Ways Of Knowing: * Emotion
* Sense perception History behind Subliminal Messaging: Psychology behind Subliminal Messaging Government Society White House & Dollar Bill History in the Illuminati Child Toys: Conclusion: Knower's
Perspective: Andy : Knower's Perspective: Melissa: Knower's Perspective: Elizabeth: Knower's Perspective: Sierra: Thank You! (: THE END Mind Control Began in the 5th Century with the Greeks A way of persuading people into things they wouldn't ordinarily do. A way of persuading without even knowing it. 1920 BBC Broadcasting Subliminally manipulated to do something someone else wants them to. 1957 marketing "Drink Coca-cola" and "eat popcorn". Messages that are processed but never reach our conscious, they do have an effect on our attitude and behavior but the effect is different for each person. - supported by experiences. 1974 - People reported to the FCC that subliminal messaging was wrong and deceptive. Hello Kitty: History & Psychology Was designed 34 years ago (1970's)
Creators: Ikuko Shimi and her partner Sanrio
Story (History) behind Hello Kitty Brain functions subconsciously to pick up the underlying message and process' it without us realizing the effect it may have on us. Background Ikuko’s daughter appeared to have cancer in her mouth that enabled her to speak. Her mother reached out for help in every religion but no church was able to help her find a cure or bring a miracle to her daughter. Then she turned to the evil worshiping and made a deal in return to design a popular cartoon that would be famous worldwide. Emotion People can either choose to believe it or not.
It can cause parents to think twice in letting their children seek interest in to Hello Kitty.
It can make people feel disappointed, mad, upset or sad depending on what their opinion is.
Feel as though this conspiracy theory is not real and tend to not care as much. Sense Perception The way people perceive the Hello Kitty image at first will usually not consider any reasons to why the cartoon character does not have a mouth.
Many people only perceive the "cute" and "unique" design of Hello Kitty and nothing beyond that. Started in May 1, 1777
Adam Weishaupt was the founder and he was a Jesuit lawyer
Organized in Bavaria
Refers back to small group of noble families in the 18th century that helped the Jesuit Order in their plans to get revenge on the catholic Church for their disbandment in July 1773 by Pope Clement XIV
With the help of wealthy supporters, Weishaupt formed the Order of Perfectibilists which was later known as Illuminati. Sense Perception What society perceives, based upon their opinions Emotion Many can feel shocked, amazed, surprised, in denial, upset or mad Sense Perception: analyzing what is scene at hand subconsiously or consiously to find truth behind what they mean.
Language: study the history and meaning behind what is scene through sense perception, in this case the connections would be to the illuminati. Same ways of knowing applies... Advertisement--History Coca-Cola Founded in 1886
Originally a patent medicine Advertisement--Psychology Coca-Cola Naturally our subconscious is trained to pick up the underlying message

From there we process the message without realizing the effect it may have Advertisement--Emotion shocked amazed surprised denial mad upset What has our world come to? What else am I missing? Advertisement--Sense Perception First look=no realization of subliminal message
Although the history behind Coca-Cola is widely known, the subliminal message within the design is not.
This is because of certain individual's unique ways of perceiving certain messages Claimed to be a cure for many diseases Once contained an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine per glass Coca-Cola started using "spent" leaves – the leftovers of the cocaine-extraction process with trace levels of cocaine Knowledge Issue: Ways of Knowing: Sense perception
Language Connections: Counter Claim: What is the best source for finding truth behind a subliminal message? Subliminal messages are hard to figure out. It takes multiple sources for finding truth behing them starting with Sense perception, Emotion, and Language. Some people believe subliminal messages have no truth behind them because they are coincidental. " Is there even any truth in subliminal messages, and could there even be an absolute answer?" " Subliminal messages are hard to figure out, sometimes I believe there is truth behind them and other times I think it's coincidental." "There's not just one source that can be used to find truth behind a subliminal message." "Your mind plays tricks on you, don't let it fool you. " "There's good and bad in everyone and in everything."
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