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People Of War- Sir Isaac Brock and John Strachan

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Hamnah Kapadia

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of People Of War- Sir Isaac Brock and John Strachan

People of War 1812
Sir Issac Brock and John Strachan
Sir Issac Brock was born in 1769 on the small island of Gurnsey,one of the British channel islands, England.
All about Sir Issac Brock
Sir Issac Brock's Job
The War of 1812
Brock did not live for long He died in October 1812

He wore his best uniform, which identified him as a commanding officer, an American sniper shot him in the chest and he soon died

Despite His death,his troops still went on to win the battle

Without his help,upper Canada would have been part of the U.S.A

He was a intelligent and energetic person

The Death of Sir Issac Brock
His family was very rich but he wasn't expected to get much as he was the 8th son

He joined the military at age 15, and remained a solider his whole life

He served in the West Indies and Europe before coming to North America

Sir Issac Brock was sent to Canada in 1802 for the first time

He showed that with with determination and planning, it would be possible to defeat the Americans.
After his invasion in July, general Hull had retreated from Sandwich to Detroit because of supply problems. then
Brock joined forces with Tecumeseh to plan an attack on
the American Fort.

On August, 16th , Brock's colony approached Detroit from across the river.

He planned to capture Detroit because the were strong also the First Nations wanted the Americans gone.

In October, 1812 the Americans captured Queenston Heights

All about John Strachan

John Strachan was born on April 12,1778 at Aberdeen, Scotland

His family did not have much money and John was the youngest out of 6 children

He was unable to find a good living in Scotland, so he immigrated to Upper Canada in 1799 at the age of 21 and during the next 12 years he was a teacher and then became a priest

He was a tutor and teacher in Kingston,Canada

He was the first Bishop of Toronto

He got married in 1807 and had 9 children

The War of 1812
During the war of 1812 he was the chaplain for the troops

The American soldiers were looting and burning John Strachan was the only leader to step forward and meet with the American General

He negotiated the surrender of York with better terms for its citizens

After the War
Strachan ,found,and lead the Loyal
and Patriotic Society.

It raised funds to help disable military
and their families.

His long life was devoted to

He died at the age of 89 on
November 1 1867 in Toronto
Quiz Time
Brocks job was defend the colonys
ability to defend itself especially
against the __________.

In ______ he became the head of
British Forces.

In October,1812 he captured __________ ___________.

Without his help Upper Canada would
easily be a part of the __________.
Quiz time
John was the _______ son .

Strachan was the only _________ to step forward and meet with the American General .

John died at the age of ______.

He was a teacher and then became a _________.
Thank you for listening to our presentation
Created by
and Chris
Interesting Facts about Sir Issac Brock
Brock was assigned to go to Lower Canada but he commanded that he wanted to go to Upper Canada

When he went to Canada in 1802 Brock was not exited about
his job.

In 1810 he was in command of defenses in Montreal

In 1811 he became head of the British Forces.

Brock's job was to improve the colony's ability to defend
itself especially against the U.S.A

Today You're going to Learn About:
Sir Issac Brock
John Strachan
. Family
. ECT.
The Victory
The early victory built support to Britain, also the mood in upper canada improved

with this victory happening now more people belevied that they could now beat the Americans

This victory also started to show Brock as a strong military leader.
John Strachan's Job
John Starchan used to be a teacher but soon changed his career and became a angilican preist.

in May 1803 strachan accepted orders in the church of England. In 1812 he was made rector of York (Toronto) and chaplain of the troops.

By the end of the war of 1812 he was rewarded and in 1817 he became a full member.

In 1820 Strachan became a member as well of the legeslative council.
Most of Strachans life and work was dedicated to education

He is best known as a political bishop who held many government positions and promoted education from common schools to helping to found the University of Toronto.

in 1827 Strachan had gotten a royal charter for the founding of the university of kings college. Unfortunetly in 1840 strachan had to oppose a number of govermental plans to securilize the Univercity in and finally lost the struggle in 1850.

He finally began to plan a new
Univercity which would be under the
control of the church of England
which was called Trinity College

Interesting Facts about John Strachan
As a boy, he earned a reputation as a keen student and an exceptional swimmer and boxer

When he was 15, he followed three of his brothers into service in the british army.

He served in a number of locations before settling in Canada
in 1802

After Detroit, the main american threat existed
in Niagra and Brock knew he would go to fight
his final battle.

There is a limestone monument of Brock in
Queenston Heights parks in Niagra Falls
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