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career shadowing 2012

No description

Peter Amaya

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of career shadowing 2012

U.S Department of Homeland Security CBP Purpose of Company The Purpose of the Company is
Securing America's Boarders. Where the Company will be in 15 years What Employability Skills are needed
to work for this company? 21 Years of Age Pass Reading and Physical Exams Graduate from their Academey Education to Work Bachelor's Degree Technology Used Skills (job related and social etiquette)
need for this job What I like best about this job What I dislike about the Company Would I pursue a career with this company? Computer (classified programs) Radio (to communicate with each officer) Radiation Detection Devices X-Rays Up and running strong Knowing immgration laws Know trade and travel laws People Skills What I like about this job is that
you get alot of benifits for working
with the government. And also its not a boring job, you get alot of
attention and action in it. There isn't alot of things i dislike about the company.
Everything is well rounded. Yes, I would pursue a career for this company
because, as I said it has alot of benifits. And the
company has numerous of positions suited for
anybody who wants to do that position. 2012
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