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future technology.

technology of the future,

shannen mayes.

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of future technology.

Technology of the future! (:
Future technology gadgets!:) This is what an iphone could
be like in 2050. The type of homes we could be
living in by 2050. Medicines in the futre! (: This could be the car in 2050, it
is a flying car and it is nothing like
the cars today!.
Also we could have robots which
help you do alot.
We have been told to expect
robots by 2050. Now'a days we have
1,2 and 3.
We are expected
to get up
to playstation 27! In a few years there will be even
more medicines that can possibly
help people get better quicker. And solve
more illness's.
Cars in future! These could be the cars in the future!
Its not nessercerly about having electric cars.

We could have all different types of cars! FUTURE PHONES! (:
These are the phones
that people could
possible be using
in a number of
years! FUTURE HOUSES! :]
Every year moblie phones get more and more advanced. Over the past 20 years they have become alot different from what they used to be. There are more then a billion people online worldwide!
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