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Finalizing the Research Paper

Presentation for Finalizing the Research Paper

joyce twotown

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Finalizing the Research Paper

- formulated based on the significance of the study
- address the need of the respondents/ participants
- recommendations for future studies
1. The paper follows the order prescribed by the teacher.
2.The paper had been proofread and all corrections are made.
3. The title page contains all the necessary information and follows the format specified by the teacher.
Finalizing the Research Paper
Chapter 4- Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Chapter 5 -Summary,Conclusion and Recommendations
Joyce Duhaylungsod
Noel Carena

Finalizing your paper is important
in order to...
free your paper from any flaws (grammatical, punctuation, spelling)
ensure that all of the parts contains the information needed
assure that all the parts necessary for the research are included
references are properly cited in the text and in the bibliography
Why is finalizing your paper important?
All ideas and references from the source have been internally cited within the paper(in-text citation).
Do not use information from unreliable sources (wikipedia, sparknotes, cliffnotes).
The ideas included in the paper are appropriate for each part.
The paper follows a logical order.
Subtopics are supported with examples, quotations, references, description and /or definition.
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Background of the study
Statement of the Problem
Hypothesis of the Study
Theoretical Framework
Significance of the Study
Scope and Limitation
Definition of Terms
All the sources used in the paper are PROPERLY cited in the list of references.
Chapter 2 - Review of Related Literature and Studies
- Critical analysis of the RESULTS of RELATED STUDIES conducted before.
Chapter 3 - Methods
Research Design
Research Participants
Research Instrument
Research Locale
Research Procedure
Statistical Treatment
This is where the results of your study and discussion is found. Tables, table texts, Statistical tables and Statistics are used to present the results and discuss its implication in the premise the existing literature presented in the RRL.
- presented in number format
- present answers the problems stated in the Chapter 1
- numbered format
- generalizations are made based on the implications of the data present in Chapter 4
- All references MUST BE REFLECTED in this section.
- It must follow the format specified by the teacher e.g. APA, MLA.
- It must be arranged alphabetically.
- All types must be written as one. No heading for the different types of sources.
-Present the context. Create pictures of the problem in global, national and local levels.
-Helps readers understand the need to conduct the study.
-Connects the study to real life context.
-Formulate questions that would guide and lead to attain the objectives of the study.
- Where is the study conducted?
- What is the duration of the study?
- What is/are the instrument used?
-What is the coverage of the study?
- what are the constraints that you experienced that may affect the result of the study?
- an intelligent tentative answer to the problem stated in the paper
- usually stated in a negative form
- a fundamental structure of the paper where the theory/s that are related to the variables of the study is/are discussed
-it also presents a broad concepts wherein the specific concepts of the study are anchored
Conceptual Framework
- How will the study benefit the participants, the educational and research institutions, potential researchers and other relevant segments of the society?
- Key words in the title and the problem are defined based on it universal meaning or specified by the how its used in the study or how it is measured in the study.
There are no spelling errors.
Punctuation is correct.
The paper used the appropriate verb tense
The paper flows well and reads smoothly.
equivalent to an executive summary
written in this order: purpose of the study, research design and samples, major findings, conclusions and recommendations
should be informative enough to engage the students to read your research paper


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