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Naomi Thompson

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Unitu

What is Unitu?

Unitu is an online software built for academic departments and student unions to enhance
collaboration, feedback and engagement between staff, course representatives and students.

We aim to provide a system that seamlessly integrates within your university structure and that takes fundamental parts of a students academic life and brings them together into one environment.

1. Collaboration: Academic Hubs
Course Hub
Programme Rep Hub
Module Hub
Group Hub
2. Feedback: Notify
Electing Course Reps
A Democratic System
The Challenge
The Opportunity

Due to budget cuts within departments many professors and teachers are stretched to provide the same quality of teaching and one to one time . This disconnect can inhibit students’ academic experience and progress. Many students find that they do not always receive the feedback that they need.
1. Teacher and student disconnect
2. Broken Feedback Loop
Course reps can be influential in helping their peers. Yet many students do not know who their course reps are and struggle to identify a method to communicate with them. In turn, course reps do not have an effective method of collecting and organising a large amount of classmates’ academic concerns. Furthermore, there is no efficient way for departmental staff to clearly show students how their feedback is being used to make improvements to the academic experience.
We believe Unitu can be instrumental in providing you a permanent solution to these specific challenges and ensure that an active and well connected community is developed within your department.
Our aim is to build a symbiotic system around the current structure of each department; ensuring that it connects everybody together and allows for collaboration, feedback and engagement to flow
through consistently and smoothly.
To illustrate this, I have designed a model of how Unitu can work within the structure of your University and allow for collaboration, feedback and engagement to flow through it.
Academic Hubs create a personalised space for collaboration and communication between students
and course representatives. We have created four types of academic hubs that serve different
Course reps can obtain, organise, filter and present their classmates’ concerns.
A framework to gather and deliver information
Resources and Training for Programme Reps
Course Hubs allow students to share their academic journey with their peers.
Who’s my Course Rep? & How do I contact them?
Guidance from Senior Students
Private or open groups are perfect for group assignments or general study groups between peers.
A space for students taking the same modules to connect, learn and share together.
Personalised Experience
Useful Information when Selecting Modules
Study GroupsStudents can create, name and easily invite anyone to their Group Hub.

They can choose to keep their groups private, which ensures only admins accept or declines any requests to join the group.

Such study groups will be useful to students who are working on group assignments, societies, or arranging study sessions and sharing notes privately.
At the core of enhancing the educational experience is learning from student and staff feedback. Notify powerfully tightens the feedback loop between departments, course representatives and students. This particular feature will provide an effective way for you to listen, learn and engage with students concerns, so that academic issues are resolved and as a result the learning experience is constantly improved.
Your Department will have an account with a set of features that enable you to communicate with course reps and students. Unitu will make it easy for staff to elect course reps for each year, communicate with them and share files about any SSLC meeting.
Once course reps filter through the concerns provided by their classmates (Course Rep Hub) they can then create an issue on the Notify Board. They will be asked to provide detailed information about the issue, tag it with the course and module that it relates to. Once created, it is then added to the column of issues. Students and staff within your department are sent an email, notifying them that an issue has been created.
Students can then click on the issue and vote whether they are for or against it. This creates three benefits:

It indicates to your department how representative the issues are of students concerns.
It allows them to express their concern to staff anonymously.
It enables staff to prioritise issues dependent on the number of votes from students.

When clicking on a specific issue you will be directed to a page which provides more information about the issue. This specific tool will allow issues to be discussed and for staff to easily update students on the status of the issue in a real time conversation.

Transparency of Change

Staff can move any of the issues to either the “In progress” or the “Resolved” column. This will
provide a simple and effective way to notify all students instantly on whether an issue that
concerns them has either been taken into consideration by the department or been resolved.


Using Unitu
Here is a short demonstration
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