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Chinese Flood Myth

No description

sophia salvador

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Flood Myth

Chinese Flood Myth - Gun Yu

by Sophia Salvador
Jake Kallman
Jackson Croke

Then the gods were afraid of Yu's powers, so handed him the rich soil. Yu used the soil to take away the water from the floods.
Since she was divine, her powers made her and her followers safe from it. Nu Kua patched the whole with a plaster made from stones of various colors, and the flood stoped.
In China the people were misbehaving so the Supreme Soverign ordered the water god Gong Gong as a punishment to create a flood.
The supernatural hero Gun, heard about this and stole the soil from heaven, to build a dam to stop the water. As Gun was finishing, the Supreme Soveinger sent the fire god Zhu Rong to kill him for stealing the soil.
The people were not able to convince the Supreme Soveinger to stop the flood. An owl then told them about growing soil also known as Xirang.
The rich soil was then taken back to the heavens, so the flood could continue. Gun's body and his son's; Yu were both turned into dragons.
The goddess of Nu Kua fought and defeated the chief of a neighborhood tribe. He was forced up the mountian. The chief then got angry at being conquered by a woman, so he ramed his head against the Heavenly Bamboo. He did this with the idea of revenge on his enemies; commiting suicide.
The flood went on for 22 years. For the humans to escape it they had to live in high mountain caves and trees. It was hard to survive because they had to fight with the animals for little resources.
He knocked the Heavenly Bamboo down, tearing a hole in the sky. Water rushed out, flooding the world and killing everyone, but Nu Kua and her army.
For more information go to https://docs.google.com/a/myranney.org/presentation/d/1HHIb68bSOX64pe2FCG5bZckSNJIlVV3zANBDUKNNgJM/edit#slide=id.p
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